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Being a Widen DAMster - An interview with Frankie Buckle, Global DAM admin at ZEISS Microscopy

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Frankie Buckle is not your average marketing technologist. She’s tech savvy all right, but her primary concern isn’t about managing multiple marketing systems. Rather, she has a unique background that combines data and design and makes her a great fit for ZEISS Microscopy’s marketing team.

Frankie studied Biology and Art during her undergraduate program and Biology during her masters program. As such, she was drawn to a scientific organization like ZEISS that needs to create large amounts of video and image files. These assets need to live somewhere, so she’s made the shift to digital asset management and is now the company’s global DAM admin.

1. What do you currently do at your organization?
I’m making training videos for a lot of new users and creating webinars for users to watch when they enroll to our DAM system. We have a lot of products and features that we’re working on at the moment, so I’m tagging the assets, and making sure the copyright data is attached to the images our customers have given us. 

I’m also creating different areas of the system and roles that can be managed globally to access different assets. That way, the different groups can manage their own assets. The content we put in our DAM system is all different. Right now, I’m also preparing for the new UI upgrade from Widen for our DAM system. 

Of those things you just described, what do you enjoy doing most? Why?
It’s nice to see people using the DAM system and finding the things they need faster. I like seeing the stats on the system. I know that’s kind of geeky, but I like seeing who’s using it and it’s exciting to see in the analytics that one of my assets is popular!

There’s so much stuff you can do with the DAM system. You can make sections, make it look pretty, and keep your assets all neat and tidy.

2. How long have you been a Widen user?
Personally, I’ve used it and managed it for three years, but ZEISS has been using it for five years.

3. In what area(s) of your organization is Widen’s DAM system being used? 
Every group is using it. The Creative team at our headquarters, Marketing has started using the InDesign plugin and the Sales team grab images from the DAM for pitches and presentations. The Applications teams around the world have just started using it, too, to share assets. They’re based in the demo labs around the world, getting and sharing the images globally. 

The Applications team will upload and tag files themselves, which is really good for marketing because once we see them go online, we can start using them in posters or at a tradeshow or in other communications. The Apps teams can then see their images being used and that’s rewarding. 

Our Dealers will shortly start to use the Media Builder from Suttle-Straus which has now been built onto the DAM system for customizing their promotional flyers. 

The headquarters in Germany has its own marketing area on the DAM system, like a pre-release sandbox area. These are the pioneer assets. The person who uploads them places a release date on them. They also may put them in a collection for easy sharing. The DAM system fits into any one of our groups’ workflows, which is great. 

When you reference your customer, who is that?
Our core customer is our sales force. That’s who the DAM system is mainly aimed at. The other groups using it are an added bonus, really. 

4. For what kinds of activities are you using the Media Collective? And, about how much time do you spend admining the DAM system? 
It’s hard to say. I use it every day for the quick search of image files, but admin-wise it’s different. When we’re doing clean ups, I will constantly sort and create collections all day. When there is a product release, I will tag and upload all of the new assets. 

From the purely admin side, I’d say half an hour to an hour a day is spent adding new users and making sure that people are happy using the DAM system. With the new UI I’ll have to make a new training video, and if there are new elements, then I need to make new icons, so people can find sections of assets easily. There is a lot of stuff happening on the backend when Widen makes changes. We have to sell it internally when things change, so that’s part of the admin work as well. 

5. How are your users using the Media Collective?
They use it for searching and downloading or searching and sharing. Those are the most standard things. Our Product Managers, (another customer) make Powerpoint presentations about the product, then give me the presentation to upload to the DAM system.

6. What are some of the great things ZEISS Microscopy does? How does the Media Collective enable your organization to do great things?
ZEISS Microscopy makes microscopes for scientists to make amazing discoveries about our world. Some of our customers are nobel prize winning scientists, which is awesome. You can find out more here:

The Widen Media Collective helps our sales people find the things they need to sell our microscopes, faster. It makes our communications more of an on demand type of service. Before, they would spent a lot of time looking for images they needed and now they have a database and a pool of resources, so it saves them time and they don’t have to create their own images and resources. Everything is there for them.

7. What is the best thing the Media Collective does for your day? 
For me as an admin, it’s probably the batch uploading. I like the Collections as well.  The customized Collection tool is really cool – it’s nice to send people a visual group because it looks very impressive. But I would die without batch upload! 

8. What do you think is the most important thing other users should know about using a digital asset management system? 
When you’re setting up their files, be really rigorous and make sure that the DAM system is well organized right from the beginning. Have your keywords and categories thoroughly laid out. 

Make sure your metadata fields are good and solid and future proofed. Think about what might come up in the future. We did this well (future proofed), and now even five years after launching, we’re still using the same metadata fields because they were done really well. 

Label your assets correctly, don’t dump them in the DAM system and expect great things to happen. Do it right the first time, so you don’t have to go back and clean it all up later. The set up and structure is most important.

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