Being a Widen DAMster: An interview with Hannah Snyder, Graphic Designer/Marketing Communications Specialist at Centria

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When it comes to connecting marketing content, many people don’t realize that a digital asset management (DAM) system can be a key resource for their organization. DAM can help users make better decisions about their marketing strategy and also promote better market positioning. That’s why we hit the road to talk with Widen customers about the different ways they’re using the Media Collective to help leverage their digital content and improve marketing efficiencies. 

This is Hannah Snyder’s story, from Centria in Pittsburgh, PA. Centria provides wall and roof system designs for architects and contractors, which means their products are used in or on buildings. So product photography is an incredibly important part of their marketing communications, advertising, PR, and sales materials.

Hannah Snyder of Centria
1. What do you do in your role at Centria?
I’ve been at Centria for four years. I produce a lot of flyers and brochures and things you see around the office for all of our products, I manage the photography. I book photographers to go out and shoot, and then I handle things (images) as they go in (to the Media Collective).
I’ve used the Media Collective a lot recently – a couple of times a week.
2. When did you know you needed a DAM system? Did something happen to indicate it was time?
Because we deal with a lot of photography each year, it’s a lot to store on computers and hard drives. What if the drive fails, what if you don’t back up? Widen’s Media Collective is great for that.
Our files are huge and it (the Media Collective) helps maintain a lot of the files. I had to do a lot of searching without the DAM system. It was a mess dealing with that – there were a lot of archived files on CDs and loose in file folders, or on personal computers. There were old photos that we would have to scan in if we wanted to use them.
3. If someone asked you what the Media Collective does, what would you tell them?
It simplifies my life a lot and allows me to do my job a lot more efficiently. I like that you can upload design files, too – AI, InDesign – and it doesn’t think they’re a foreign object.

Centria Login Page
4. How does the DAM system play a role in your brand?
It’s able to keep our brand together all in one place. A lot of people need to get a logo, a picture of a product, or a product flyer. You can point people to it and it’s all right there together. It’s one story about us for people to see in one place.
5. What unique things are you or your teams able to do with the Media Collective that you didn’t initially realize you could do?
I didn’t know a lot it could do when I started. I just knew you could upload and download. I didn’t know all the search features that were available and the InDesign features. Chelsea tells me something new about it almost every day.
It’s so easy to navigate through. I learned, this week, that you can search for both horizontal or vertical images – which is great because mostly I need horizontal ones!
6. How did you roll out the system to your user base? Do you have any communications or training materials you can share with us?
They introduced it as a new tool, but there wasn’t any big meeting or training. The previous designer taught me how to do things. I think I learned it in one day.
7. What is the greatest value you've gained from making use of a DAM system – on a marketing level? At the business level?
We’re able to reach clients more frequently and faster – it’s way easier to send a link for them to download an image and it reaches them faster than email or an ftp site. Work gets done so much faster here and out there (in the field).
8. How do you prefer to consume content?
I like podcasts and doing things hands on. While I’m doing podcasts, I’ll go to a video and learn more. The recorded webinars Widen has are great. I pay more attention to that than reading a document.
I prefer to get a general consensus of what something does and then go in and figure things out myself. I like to play around with something instead of someone showing a how-to background document or video.
9. What three, individual adjectives would you use to describe the Media Collective?
Innovative, helpful, and modern.
10. What did you think of the new UI?
I like the new UI. I like that it’s clean and modern and everything seems to be on one page. I think Widen did a good job sending out emails about the update.
I like the upload bar up in the corner and pops up automatically in the spotlights. It also seems to work better in Safari than it used to.
11. What would you tell new users about making use of a digital asset management system? 
Don’t get overwhelmed by it at first. Have fun poking around and learning all the things it can do and all of the capabilities. A new user should be able to pick it up in a day. It’s very comprehensive. 

Watch the video interview with Chelsea Rommes, Media and Content Coordinator at Centria, to learn more about why they love the Widen Media Collective.

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Contact our DAM advisors to see how the Media Collective can work for you!

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