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Being a Widen DAMster: An interview with Jennifer Neer, Data Integration Specialist, Polywood

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Jennifer Neer at Polywood

We recently caught up with Widen customer, Jennifer Neer, at the Henry Stewart digital asset management conference in Chicago. We we so impressed by her knowledge of information systems and integrations that we thought she would make an awesome DAMster interview.

Here’s what she had to say about her time as a digital asset management administrator for the Widen Media Collective.
1. How long have you been a Widen user? 
I was pulled into the implementation project about 2 years ago.
2. How often do you use the Media Collective?  
I am a part of our DAM system governance team, so I at least get in there once a week during this meeting. Sometimes a little more, depending on if I need to pull images for someone, or if someone has an issue they want me to look into (like not being able to find something). If I read something that sparks an idea, then I will also look into it before the next governance meeting.
3. In what area(s) of your organization is Widen’s DAM system being used? 
It is used primarily for Sales and Marketing purposes. Our DAM system houses all of our product images, video and marketing collateral, so if we set up a new e-commerce dealer that needs images for their website, we send them the images from the Widen Media Collective. We also house dealer applications and questionnaire’s in our DAM system, so our customer service team uses share links to help potential dealers download right from the Media Collective.
4. For what kinds of activities are you using it? About how much time do you spend on those activities/administering the DAM system? 
The system’s primary purpose at this time is to distribute various assets to customers and potential customers. So new dealers will have images sent to them from the collective, potential dealers will have questionnaires and applications sent to them through the system, and we even house price books through the system. 
5. How do your users use the Collective? 
All of our users are internal users, so our users all use the system to look up assets that customers and potential customers need. 
6. What is the most useful thing the Media Collective does for your organization? 
It provides a place for our users to easily find the assets they are looking for. Instead of navigating through file folders, they can simply type in the name of the item they want and all images related to that name will appear.
7. Where do you go to get information about DAM (organizations, blogs, etc)? 
At the moment I only use the Widen support pages when needed, I don’t browse for a lot information.
8. What is the most important thing other users should know about using a digital asset management system?
Understanding how to search properly, and how to set assets up to be easily searched, is the most important aspect as far as I’m concerned. You also need to make sure any system you use will communicate the assets and connect to all the systems that your situation may need.
9. What other marketing systems are you using? Can you make use of our API to sync them? 
We use WordPress and have been able to use the WordPress plug-in – via the Media Collective – for our blog. We also use Magento, but at this time do not have it connected to DAM with the API. 
10. How do you communicate to your user group about the DAM system? Do you do any training - if so, what are you doing? 
When we have a new employee start working who will likely need access into our DAM we have a How-To document that is shared and when the person is ready to start working in it, one of the people on our governance team will sit down and answer questions they might have. We are looking into implementing workshops for our users as well.
11. How will you know you’ve been successful with the DAM system? What does success look like for your team and organization? 
Success for my organization is when all assets are easily found and effectively communicated with all of our customers. Success also involves finding a simple process to ensure the images on our own websites are always up to date without using too many man hours.
12. What do you expect from DAM analytics? 
I would like to use DAM analytics to help us hammer out what metadata is effective for search and if there is anything we might be missing that people search for.  I would also like to use analytics to find out what images are the most popular and use this information to help steer future photography.
13. What value do you get out of DAM conferences like Henry Stewart and the Widen Summit? 
I get a lot of value from hearing case studies and discovering how other companies manage their DAMs.  This helps to give me ideas on ways we can better utilize our own system.  The Widen Summit helps me to discover, or rediscover, features that I may have forgotten about that may help us better utilize the system.  Sometimes the features give us ideas to use the system in ways we didn’t originally think about.
14. What's the #1 thing you recommend to the next person embarking on a new DAM project? 
Do a TON of research and make sure you know exactly what your goals are for the system.  Then you can make sure the system can accomplish those goals. Make sure to look into every tiny detail.

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