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Best-in-Class DAM Admin ROI

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Best in class DAM ROI

Welcome back to our digital asset management (DAM) ROI series!

In the first part of the series, we covered DAM ROI and the business case for DAM. In the second part of the series, we covered DAM ROI approaches and models. 

In our final installment of the series, we want to share some best-in-class DAM admin ROI, which is based on analysis of customers who responded to our 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey — making up the representative sampling of the Widen Collective user community.

Real-world DAM ROI

Our research shows 20% of customers staff at least 1 person who dedicates more than 50% of their time to DAM.

Whereas, 80% of customers staff at least 1 person who dedicates less than 50% of their time to DAM (with 62% of the total spending less than 20% of their time on DAM).

Real world digital asset management ROI

These statistics aren’t surprising, but let us show you why it’s important to consider having at least one person dedicating more than 50% of their time to digital asset management.

A DAM comparison

We compared companies with:

  • At least 1 admin dedicated to their DAM system more than 50% of the time,
  • To those who dedicate less than 20%

By the way, these stats are for customers who have been using Widen for at least one year, AND have been in an admin role for at least one year. They range across industries and company sizes.

DAM system admin stats

As you can see, companies who have a dedicated DAM admin have a larger library size and more users (on average). This may mean they’re bigger companies, but we “common size” this by looking at the ratios.

The above chart shows that the average number of times an active asset is downloaded winds up being more than 2X greater with companies dedicating more time to digital asset management. This could indicate better content, more recent content, more users and usage, improved user engagement and training, or content that’s better tagged and organized for greater findability.

The other notable stat here is the more than doubling of the asset consumption ratio. This means the average active user has downloaded far more assets than those with only a part-time DAM system admin.

Just think how much more value you could get, if all of your assets are used 2 times more and your users use the DAM twice as much to get what they need on their own!

The conclusion

Companies with dedicated admins (at least 50% of their time) will see a far greater return on investment in their DAM system and content efforts than those who understaff their DAM.

We hope you see that your time as a DAM system admin or strategizer is valuable company time because you’re setting up all of your content teams for success!

That said, we’d like you to consider what more your DAM admin can bring to your company if they spend even 20% more time on digital asset management!

How are you showing ROI for your DAM system?

The following are some more questions to get you thinking….

How are you showing your DAM system ROI

  • How do you show an ROI for DAM at your organization?
  • Are you able to show the impact of DAM on your business?
  • Does that help justify the time and resources spent on DAM?

Other ROI for digital asset management

Other common ROI cases involve the following:

Other ways to gauge DAM software ROI

  • Content visibility and repurposing
  • Reporting and data aggregation
  • Content measurement and the impact on future decision making

Want more info?

We encourage you to keep on learning and measuring your efforts. To assist you further, you might want to check our complimentary 2017 Widen Connectivity Report which examines the state of connectivity for marketers and creatives.

You can also get in touch with us anytime to discuss your DAM system needs.

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