Bring harmony to your workflows by expanding your digital asset management user base

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Digital asset management brings inter-departmental harmony to your digital workflowsDigital asset management programs increase in value the more they are used. By design, most DAM software is meant to have a large base of users or at least have the potential to scale up. Digital asset management systems provide a higher return on investment with more people because they are employed as shared platforms. Quite simply, the formula for digital asset management ROI is more users + more assets = more collaboration + more repurposing.

Here are some tips on finding ways to put your DAM system to use for more of your organization:

1. Start by looking for problems that can be solved by the DAM system.
When you know where digital asset management tools are needed the most, you can patch holes that leak revenue. Ask around to see who is having trouble with digital assets. This could be related to search time, finding assets, storage, and other issues. People in the main marketing and creative groups who haven't adopted the DAM system will almost certainly be having problems that can be solved by DAM software.

These survey results about digital asset management give some good insights that should inform the questions you ask departments to assess their need to access to the DAM system. It also indicates many of the challenges and issues that can be solved by a DAM system. Once you analyze the results of your surveys, you should be able to see who needs access to the DAM system the most. Their answers and concerns will also tell you how to get them to buy into implementation or expansion.

2. A single system can have diverse benefits. Ensure that you’re making the case for expanding use of your DAM software in a way that addresses each user group’s unique concerns. Address the issues and problems from each department with solutions that the DAM system will provide. In addition to these and other benefits, you should also explain how the system will increase ROI of assets and digital asset library as a whole. You might want to give presentations or at least send out an email with graphs that clearly explain how the DAM system will make life easier while increasing productivity and revenue.

3. Demonstrate the value of the DAM system up the chain of command.
Look into ways that you can incorporate the DAM system into performance metrics, evaluations, and KPIs. Demonstrate how it increases time-to-market, is a vital tool for asset and campaign effectiveness, and generally boosts the value of digital assets.

As digital assets become the core of more and more of all of our business processes, managing them effectively translates increasingly directly into effective management of the business itself. The more of your organization you can justify bringing into the fold, the better.

To understand the value associated with brand asset management software, request a demo of the Widen Media Collective.

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