Cloud DAM – Where Cloud Computing Is Headed In 2011

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Cloud DAM software and storage hosted off-site (cloud computing) gained a lot of momentum in 2010 and will play increasingly larger roles as we move into 2011. By all appearances, cloud computing platforms seem to be set on becoming the infrastructure of choice for marketing asset management and other applications by the end of the year, if not sooner. Expect to see some of the following situations and changes in cloud computing in 2011:

Cloud DAMMore cloud computing options – With the realization that the costs and benefits of cloud computing outweigh those associated with in-house IT infrastructure, various companies and service providers are scrambling to set up cloud computing platforms. Many will offer their new cloud DAM option as a service to existing clients to keep them from jumping to cloud computing options offered by competing companies. A downside of this race to the cloud is the possibility that some offerings won’t work very well for digital media management because they were developed for local deployment. These types of companies may not have the internal expertise to deploy cloud DAM technologies, nor do they have the service architecture and service culture to support it. On the plus side, as with any process driven by strong competition, at least a few companies will develop some exciting innovations.

Competitive pricing – The high degree of competition in 2011 among cloud DAM providers will be demonstrated by differences in pricing. In addition, this will put a huge deal of pressure on non-cloud IT providers. Costs for cloud computing options are already so much lower than non-cloud options that it could be very difficult for them to compete in terms of pricing. Since costs for cloud computing options also tend to be straightforward, there will be a lot of pressure on non-cloud IT companies to be just as transparent with costs.

Software as a Service rises in popularity – As cloud DAM becomes the most cost effective and preferred option, Software as a Service will likewise increase in popularity for online video management and other marketing resource management purposes. The reason for this is because it’s easier and more efficient to simply leave the management of software hosted off-site to the people who designed it. This avoids burdening in-house IT people with the task of learning everything about the software in question in addition to providing updates, and periodic training for users on a cloud DAM model.

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