Cloud infrastructure updates with the Widen Media Collective version 7.0

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Update brings worldwide speed and performance improvements and low cost archiving option
With the version 7.0 release of the Widen Media Collective, Widen has extended the power of its cloud-based digital asset management solution to take advantage of advancing cloud infrastructures for greater accessibility and performance worldwide and value across the digital lifecycle.
The following highlights the cloud infrastructure updates with the Media Collective version 7.0 release, in addition to all the new features and updates in version 7.0 highlighted here.
Faster File Distribution of Previews, Embed Codes and Downloads
Providing faster downloads and uploads everywhere in the world, Widen is now using Amazon's CloudFront content delivery network for distribution of all files. CloudFront is a downloading service that quickly sends requested files from the U.S. Eastern region (where Widen's full infrastructure resides) to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) server closest to the user for the actual download of files. Downloads complete more quickly for every individual user with this service. 
Improved Upload Speeds with Upload Servers in AWS Regions Across the Globe
The upload service uses upload servers in multiple regions around the world. Upload servers are deployed in Amazon regions where there is heavy Media Collective upload activity. To offer speed and efficiency, assets are uploaded directly to the region nearest the user. Amazon's powerful backbone is then used for the data transfer to the U.S. Eastern region, where the master files permanently reside.
Amazon Web Services Global Infrastructure
Secure, Replicated Cloud Archive with Full Searching and Ordering at a Low Storage Cost
For a secure archive, Amazon Glacier is Amazon's cold storage archive service, low ​in ​cost yet redundant​ and backed up​ for asset durability​ and security​. ​Widen has been using Glacier to back up all customer data, and​ now in the version 7.0 release delivers a ​true archive for customers with the new Archive Assets feature. View more details and a demo of the new asset archive feature on our Collective Support page.
More and more ​organizations are looking for a low cost, secure and redundant archive for terabytes of assets that are important to save, but that do not need to be available for immediate download. Using the Archive Assets feature, assets can be sent to Glacier and later​ retrieved ​for download. Archived assets will maintain their thumbnail previews and all searchable metadata and​, once requested,​ may be downloaded or sent to a recipient ​within a day or less.
Would you like to see all that’s new with the Widen Media Collective version 7.0? Request a demo to take the tour on your own or schedule a live walk-through with one of our DAM advisors.

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