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Marketing Hacks: Connect content via digital asset management integration with Salesforce

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Salesforce and digital asset managementWe continue our “marketing hacks” series with a digital asset management (DAM) integration with Salesforce, which has been among our most popular integration requests of all time. In fact, it’s a standard integration we were first-to-market with in 2007 with the Digital Media Organizer app on the Appexchange. In 2010, we discontinued the service due to low use at the time; however, we’re currently working on a new integration planned for release in early 2016.

According to our annual marketing technology survey, Widen customers rank customer relationship management (CRM), web content management (WCM), DAM and marketing automation / email marketing as the most important marketing technologies to their operation. That said, we realize the importance of integrating with the most widely-used technologies from each of these categories to extend the power of your digital content from one central source of truth. This, of course, includes extending assets to Salesforce.

In order to make this next release a success for users, we’re taking our agile development process straight to a path that involves more customer feedback. We understand that many companies use Salesforce in many different ways; however, in our preliminary discussions, we’ve identified main scenarios that make sense for integrating Salesforce and DAM.

  1. The sales user whose communications are on a one-to-one basis. This allows users to search, access, collect, share and track assets as they work with leads, accounts, contacts and opportunities.
  1. The marketing user whose communications are on a one-to-many basis. This allows users to search, access, collect, share and track assets as they work with campaigns.
  2. The internal user whose communications are to internal Salesforce users using Salesforce Chatter.

The first two scenarios are what we had in 2010 with Digital Media Organizer and Marketing Template Creation apps. Salesforce Chatter was released shortly thereafter.

If you’re interested in integrating your DAM system with Salesforce, we’d love your feedback. What scenarios do you align with most? What else can you tell us about what this integration looks like? Have you seen any other useful apps that bring your marketing content into the Salesforce experience?

The “marketing hacks” to bring digital asset collections into Salesforce

Until we have something available for installation via the Appexchange, here are a few simple ways to “integrate” DAM with Salesforce for the purpose of sharing the right assets with the right users at the right time in the right place. For many sales users, this “integration” is already directly within Salesforce.

Option 1 - Set up a custom tab for shared collections

Global collections offer a great way to gather and share a curated set of assets for your sales users for any combination of events, campaigns, brands, product releases and more.

Here’s how to add a custom tab for shared collections, making it quick and easy for Salesforce users to get the content they need right within their Salesforce experience.

STEP 1 - Create a new web tab under Setup > App Setup > Create > Tabs. Click the “New” button under the section for Web Tabs (the next section after Custom Tabs).

Manage tabs under App Setup > Create. See the Web Tabs section below, where “Sale Template” has been added and is described as the WAM Sales Templates.

Salesforce and digital asset management integration

STEP 2 - Use the wizard to define the makeup of your new web tab, including tab layout, label, content and display properties, until you get to step 3 of 5. Give your new web tab a label representative of the collection or web resource.

Using your digital asset management system with Salesforce

STEP 3 - Enter the destination URL for your shared collection to link from your new custom web tab. 

Salesforce and digital asset management integration step 3

You can find the share link URL on the Collection Details page in the Media Collective.

Salesforce and digital asset management integration how-to

BONUS STEP - You can control who can see your new web tab by turning Tab Visibility on or off with your different Salesforce user profiles. Use different collections as separate web tabs for different Salesforce user profiles to segment content across different user groups.

Adding digital asset management software to Salesforce

This option works for just about any web-based resources, not just for collections. For those not using the Widen Media Collective, our DAM lite tool, Smartimage, offers a very elegant set of options for portals for multiple collections and sections within collections, which allows you to group and present resources for simplicity and efficiency.

Option 2 - Add custom links within Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Campaigns

If the custom tab option isn’t right for you, you may consider adding custom links to curated collections from your different objects for Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Campaigns. This option offers more flexibility and accessibility for users and the objects they’re working. For example, you may have a shared collection for “Sales Collateral” at the account and contact level, “Proposal Templates” at the opportunity level and “Marketing Assets” at the campaign level. Here’s how to set it up at the object level.

STEP 1 - Create a new custom link for your collections at the account object level under Setup > App Setup > [Accounts] > Buttons, Links, and Actions. Click the “New Button or Link” button.

Salesforce and digital asset management add custom links

 STEP 2 - Give your custom link a label, name and description. Add the share link URL for the collection from the Media Collective. This protocol is the simplest solution. More advanced users can play with options for display behavior, JavaScript and window-open properties. Below, see how to specify the share link URL for the collection as your new custom link.

Salesforce and digital asset management integration

STEP 3 - Place your new custom link in the selected [Account] page layout(s). Go to Setup > App Setup > [Accounts] > Page Layouts. Select the page layout you want to add this custom link to. From your selected account page layout, drag and drop your new custom link into the Custom Links section.

custom links Salesforce and digital asset management integration

BONUS TIP - Add different custom links to different page layouts to share different collections with different audiences. For example, we have one set of sales resources available with prospect accounts and another set for customer accounts.

 Again, this options works for just about any online digital resource. If you’re not a Media Collective user, but still need a more elegant way to share content within the Salesforce app, our DAM lite tool, Smartimage, can be a good option.

Option 3 - Use shared collections with Salesforce Chatter

Many Widen customers, including Life Fitness, are already using shared collections with Salesforce Chatter as a means to communicate new assets that go along with new product releases, campaigns and events.

This is the simplest and most straightforward option, as there’s virtually no setup beyond making it habit. Simply copy the share link URL for the collection from the Collection Details page in the Media Collective and paste it in Chatter to post the message with your users.

Use shared DAM collections with Salesforce Chatter

Chatter messages can be directed to specific Salesforce users (via People) or groups. For example, you may share region-specific sales resources with a specific group for North American sales teams.

Have you created your own integration or come up with another option to share? We’d love to hear it!

Contact us or tweet me @jakeathey with your questions and ideas on ways to use Salesforce with your digital asset and content management processes.

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