Connecting Digital Asset Management to top marketing trends

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How Digital Asset Management Connects to Modern Marketing Trends

Guest blog post by Mary Turner, Widen graphic designer and visual content marketing specialist

Evolving technology and customer expectations are shaping and changing the way we communicate. Digital-age communications are creating trends around subjects, such as customer experience, storytelling, responsive design, social strategy and data-informed decision-making.

Our new whitepaper, “How Digital Asset Management Connects to Modern Marketing Trends,” which includes expert marketing trend projections from McKinsey Quarterly, Salesforce, Forbes, and iMedia Connection, helps explain why people are moving towards a more holistic view of marketing in a digital world and how it ties into all things DAM – digital asset management.

Your DAM system is a powerful tool that can help in the execution of digital marketing communications across all channels and customer touchpoints.
Highlighted in this whitepaper are five key trends relevant to modern marketing and its connection to DAM tools and insights: 

  • Trend #1: The Use of Technology-enabled Tools to Gather and Leverage Customer Data 

Why you should use the tools you have at hand, like your DAM system, and how to make the data gathered from customers more useful and effective.

  • Trend #2: Storytelling and Making the Emotional Connection 

How to create a story using the customer data gathered by your tools and encouraging user-generated content, with the goal of increasing customer interactivity and strengthening emotional connections with the brand.

  • Trend #3: The Buyer’s Journey and Customer Experience 

Why improving your interactions for your customer is key to them having an overall positive experience, maintaining a good business relationship, and making the sale.

  • Trend #4: Think Mobile and Responsive Design for Everything You Do 

Why it is so important to have an optimal viewing experience for the user and how it can affect all of your marketing channels.

  • Trend #5: Have a Social Strategy That Works for Your Business 

How social media is projected to change in the coming year for business, and how DAM can help streamline an effective strategy and workflow for your social media.

Download “How Digital Asset Management Connects to Modern Marketing Trends” today to learn how DAM can assist you in executing marketing communications!

Get more great DAM resources from the Widen resource library or contact us anytime to chat about modern marketing trends.

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