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Content Marketing, DAM and the Experience Era

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Keys to bring digital asset management into your content marketing process for the experience era.

DAM Software & Content Marketing

In a recent discussion with one of our clients, Amy Clerget of Brooks Sports, we were talking about how Amy’s team utilizes content marketing to connect with people across the globe. What Amy spoke of crystalized the connection between content marketing, digital asset management and the “Experience Era” that we currently live in.

“The DAM houses all of the assets for us … these assets are our form of content. We’re creating the basis for all of our team members, including retailers, bloggers and press teams to go and then produce their own content off of the brand assets we provide.

As a global creative team, we are only the tip of the iceberg, and it all trickles down from us.

We’re not necessarily producing all of the customer facing content, but we’re starting the conversation and providing the tools and the inspiration for someone to produce finer forms of content off of those assets.”

We also talked about how Brooks Sports content engages with their audience on an emotional level, a critical factor in creating an experience that immerses customers in the value of a brand.

In this article, let’s dissect each of these three components further to see how they work together, and ultimately how they’re are all part of the same marketing pie.

Content marketing IS marketing …

At last year’s Widen Summit, our amazing keynote speaker, Joe Pulizzi, shared his “Evolution of Content” talk, where he drove home the need to have a documented content marketing strategy. This documented strategy becomes your marketing campaign, which is the blueprint for all of your content marketing initiatives.

Successful content marketing includes:

(1) Creation and distribution of content

(2) Content that’s relevant and valuable

(3) Content that’s consistently delivered

According to Joe, “Content Marketing is Marketing.” We couldn’t agree more.

Here’s a slightly more fleshed out definition, provided by the Content Marketing Institute: “content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

But as you know, creating and sharing content consistently isn’t easy. In fact, it can often feel impossible …

This is where DAM software comes into play

In one of our recent articles, How Brooks Sports transformed their marketing efforts with a DAM system, we took a close look at the critical role digital asset management software plays in the creation, organization and sharing of content — often referred to as assets or digital assets.

Without DAM software, Brooks struggled with their assets and was falling short on maximizing their value. When your organization is in the midst of what we call a “digital asset dilemma,” it’s easy to think you’re the only one suffering. But struggling with assets is extremely common for organizations … until they implement digital asset management software.

With DAM, organizations can easily store, organize, manage, share and track high volumes of digital assets — all from one central repository. And with a DAM system like the Widen MediaCollective, there’s also opportunity for in-depth analytics like asset and collection tracking, Google Analytics tracking and more. Digital asset management software gives you an immense amount of control over your assets, allowing you to integrate advanced search, metadata and user governance into your process.

Digital Asset Management Software Benefits

Just how important is a DAM system?

At a time where content is marketing currency, businesses are throwing money away with content mis-management.

According to SiriusDecisions, mid-size companies of $100M to $1B in annual revenue, waste $2 million on unproductive content spend because it’s unusable or unfindable.

Content Marketing & Mismanagement of Digital Assets

As marketers, we not only need to create useful, valuable content, we also need to do a better job of managing and activating it to make your teams “Run Happy,” as Brooks likes to say. Digital asset management software is the easiest, most efficient way to fully take advantage of each and every digital asset, freeing up your time to create fantastic campaigns that connect with customers — which is what you want to be doing in the first place (as opposed to searching endlessly for digital assets and fielding countless team member requests for assets).

The “Experience Era” of marketing

These days, conversation around digital asset management and content marketing is evolving.

It’s still about the inter-connectivity of all the ways brands and marketers connect with audiences across channels.

But more and more, it’s also about the experience.

The Experience Era & DAM Software

When done right, “content experiences” do a great job of sharing the essence or your brand while evoking an emotional connection in the process. This is important because in order to make customers feel immersed in the experience, we need to connect with their emotions. And since people consume and absorb information in a variety of ways, we need to deliver our digital assets (content experiences) in multiple forms across multiple channels. This is typically referred to as repurposing, and it’s all made possible with the help of DAM software.

It’s your digital asset management software that ensures these assets are easy to find and share so they can create rich, memorable, consistent brand experiences. DAM gets you organized, while empowering team members to find the assets they need, when they need them, 24/7 — on their own — so they can utilize the assets of your brand and make an emotional connection with your audience.

In the words of Robert Rose, of the Content Marketing Institute, “the Experience Era is characterized by marketing's charter and ability to delight audiences with content-driven experiences that make customers feel immersed in the value of the brand.”

When content marketing, digital asset management and the Experience Era come together correctly, your customers can feel like they’re part of your brand experience anywhere and everywhere.

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