Core Criteria of Evaluating Digital Asset Management Solutions

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At the Digital Asset Management Happy Hour there is a lot of discussion about initial comparisons of DAM solutions. Like most buying decisions, evaluations and final selections can usually be mapped out across a handful of top-priority avenues. For DAM these tend to be price, functionality, integration and service (in no particular rank or order). 
In this series of posts, we’ll look at these top criteria and give you some probing questions to compare similar solutions.
To start this discussion, we need to maintain a controlled environment. Ceteris paribus is the Latin phrase meaning “all other things being equal or held constant”, and we’ll use this when discussing each criteria because in reality so many variables can affect an evaluation. The hope is to build a comparison where each criterion carries the same weight. Here’s an example of how this will work:
If price, functionality and service are EXACTLY the same for all DAM options considered, how will the difference in integration from one solution to the next affect your decision?
Because we don’t have rank or order to the criteria, we’ll start on the personable side with how you will be handled as a customer of this digital asset management solution:

I. Service – The “who” behind your DAM solution

IV. Integration – Bolting a DAM solution on to current tools, systems and workflows
There are a lot of variables to consider when completing a full evaluation of digital asset management solutions. Rarely, if ever, will there be a case that three of the criteria are equal and we can make a decision off from just looking at one. But being able to look at all four and not give weight to just one influencer can help you find value in all criteria. 
Many times price is what pushes a decision one way or another and there is no realization that they may be sacrificing service and integration for the lower cost. Try taking a neutral stance and evaluate all the criteria with ceteris paribus to indentify the value. 

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