Core Criteria of Evaluating Digital Asset Management Solutions – Service

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The “who” behind your Digital Asset Management solution
Customer Service - The "Who" Behind Your Digital Asset Management
Good service is many times underplayed in our lives. It seems as though we have been conditioned to expect bad service and then be surprised when it comes through.  
For digital asset management, there are two sides to service whether installed or Software as a Service: performance and usability. Performance covers uptime, upgrades, routine maintenance, and system response optimization. Usability covers system setup, best practices, training, administrator and user support, and workflow optimization.  
Service received from a DAM company can be black-and-white. Installed DAM solutions tend can to be very detached and need to provide little service because the purchaser’s internal IT teams often handle the DAM system. This can be good because it is a team who is familiar with the organization’s inner-workings, but they must handle performance problems and usability issues. 
On the other end, Software as a Service (SaaS) providers need to be highly service-oriented as they act as the clients’ IT support for DAM, taking the need for internal IT teams to handle usability and performance problems and placing it into the DAM provider’s hands.  But having to contact a random person at a help desk can be frustrating too. 
Here are some questions to ask when reviewing the service side of DAM solutions, keeping price, functionality and integration consistent:
    • Who will you contact if there is a problem? Your IT department or dedicated Help Desk?
  • What is included with the service provided?  Upgrades, routine maintenance, system optimization, etc.?
If the internal IT department will be providing most of the service: 
    • How will they be trained?
    • How will they accept the change in roles and duties for the new DAM system?
    • Who are your primary and secondary contacts for handling your problems?
    • How can they be reached?
    • Will they provide information on system upgrades and maintenance?
    • Will they provide training to users on both the administrative and general user functionality?
If the DAM provider will be handling the service:
    • Who will you contact with questions or problems? (help desk, account executive, forums, etc.?)
    • How can they be reached? 
    • When are they available?
    • Can general users (internal and external) contact them?
    • What commitment do they have to improving service?
    • Do they have a roadmap for growth and expansion of their product (upgrades)? 
    • Will you be informed of upgrades and system maintenance when they occur?
    • What type of training do they offer? Is it included in the fees?
    • What can they do to make the transition from your current system to the new DAM solution easier for you?
    • What materials and information do they share as you evaluate, purchase, use the system? 
    • What is their ongoing support and service commitment?


  • How transparent are they? Do they feel like an extension of your current organization or a completely separate, walled-off entity?

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