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For destination marketing and travel organizations, one could argue that there is no more important tool than stunning imagery and videos in helping to promote their destination to travelers around the world. The ability of a photo or video to evoke an emotional connection with a traveler can tip the scale and get them to choose your location over someone else's. Therefore, destination marketing and travel organizations invest a large amount of resources into creating, curating and acquiring large volumes of digital assets. 

“Being able to see a destination that inspires people to go there is very important,” stated J.P. Gisclair, online manager with the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation (NOTMC) in a recent phone interview. “Sometimes we have smaller bed and breakfasts that don’t realize the importance of imagery to showcase their location, product and services. We’re always trying to educate them and let them know its the number one thing they can do to promote their business. On a larger scale, any city needs to be doing the same thing. They need to be showcasing digital assets that show that city in a positive light. If you’re doing that and doing it well, you’re going to amass a large quantity of image and video assets. The importance of a digital asset management system, just from an organization standpoint, is invaluable.”

Part 1 of a video interview with JP Gisclair in 2013 - “Who is NOTMC?”

Gisclair was pivotal in getting NOTMC set up with a digital asset management (DAM) system to help them organize and repurpose their vast and increasing collection of more than 10,000 digital image assets used to promote the city of New Orleans as a premier travel destination. After approximately 18 months of usage, NOTMC has workflows in place that utilize the Widen Media Collective to:

  • Send images to press and media contacts
  • Send images to agencies and partners working on projects
  • Utilize Widen’s API to upload images into the central system in a very efficient way
  • Use metadata fields to track ownership and usage permissions
  • Tag and categorize assets for easy search and retrieval

Their primary use is for acquiring and managing image and logo assets, but they plan to expand to other file types (video and design files), and to other workflows. Gisclair stated “In my opinion, imagery is the single most important tool in promoting a destination. It’s something that we’re always trying to improve the process because of the returns.”

Part 2 of a video interview with JP Gisclair in 2013 - “Before Widen”

Social media and online searching has also made its mark on today’s travel market. Many potential travelers look online not only at professional photos, but also at customer photos and videos taken with mobile devices. They’re making restaurant and hotel decisions based on images of the food, or ambiance.

“You may have two places that are both excellent locations. Someone might be looking for a small boutique property that is cute, or they may be looking for a larger property that is very fancy. Both are great options, but they’re two different experiences. And that’s where images come in to play. It helps people to really fine tune their experience. If someone comes down to NOLA and they get the experience they were looking for, they go home feeling satisfied feeling like it was an amazing experience. I’d love to go back someday. In the end, if we can create that loyalty and bring people back and show them a different aspect of the city, we feel like we’re winning,” states Gisclair.

Part 3 of a video interview with JP Gisclair in 2013 - “Rights Management”

The Widen Media Collective gives NOTMC the organizational tools they need to get as much return as possible with their photography investments. In addition, Widen’s proactive development team is always looking for the latest advancement in digital asset and publishing technology making sure that NOTMC will have those tools available to them when they are needed. 

“Widen does a great job at making it an easy process,” proclaimed Gisclair. “We’ve been very pleased with the current product, and the continued efforts to perfect the future product. Even though we may not utilize all of the new features Widen adds right now, it’s nice to know that they’re thinking about them in advance of when we are ready to use them. It’s great to see how they listen to customers, and it shows that they’ve really thought about the product from a consumer's standpoint. At the end of the day, I think the fast and simple pinpoint search and download ability of the system is probably the most important quality.”

Part 4 of a video interview with JP Gisclair in 2013 - “Working with Widen”

Over twenty different destination marketing and tourism organizations ranging from cities, states, cruise lines, hotels, and theme parks entrust the Widen Media Collective to store, search and share their marketing content and brand assets. To learn more about how your travel organization can benefit from DAM like NOTMC did, request a demo.

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