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DAM and your brand part 2: Promote your brand guidelines with digital asset management

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Brand management

The gateway to your organization’s brand

Which logo should I use? Where can I find it?
Do we say our product is “resilient” or “strong?”
Do we have a photograph of our product being “resilient?”
Why do I have to use this font?

These are all brand management questions that can get thrown at your marketing team. So why not house the answers where your brand lives digitally? In your digital asset management (DAM) system. As the gateway to brand information and assets, branding your DAM system is a real business opportunity. Position it as the single source of truth to set the tone and expectations for your brand — from how it’s presented, to how it sounds across all customer touchpoints, channels and devices. Then keep your brand guidelines centralized in your digital asset management system where everyone who needs them can easily gain access.

Control your brand with guidelines and DAM

How can DAM and brand guidelines work together for the success of your business?

1. Guidelines give your stakeholders parameters for creating marketing communications. A DAM system delivers those guidelines, on demand. From creatives and marketing teams, to agencies and vendors, the stakeholders who need them can access your guidelines from anywhere around the world, 24/7!

2. Guidelines ensure brand consistency. A  digital asset management system houses the visual content — images, videos and graphics — that make up your visual identity. Providing the proper assets and guidance on how to use them makes it easy for your teams to create marketing communications with consistency. 

Brand management

3. Guidelines help present a clear story of who you are. Every business should be telling a clear story about who they are, what they stand for, and why that’s important. DAM keeps that story up to date.

Brand ManagementThe mechanics of DAM software — finding, sharing, publishing and analyzing visual content  — make your brand guidelines easily accessible and encourage increased brand strength.

Here are some common ways you can share brand guidelines with DAM:

1. Publish your brand guidelines as a PDF. Create a powerful banner image promoting your guidelines and feature it on your DAM Dashboard. Link the banner to your guidelines document.

Brand management

2. Publish your brand guidelines as a portal or collection, powered by your DAM system. Include master brand assets like your logo, colors, fonts and images. DAM software provides brand portals and/or collections to host your guidelines and select brand assets.

Your DAM System Supports Brand Management3. Create a web page for your guidelines with full control over how all the information is presented. Embed brand assets directly from the DAM system, so when brand assets are updated, those changes are automatically reflected on the web page. At Widen, we link to collections of brand-approved assets that people request most commonly (logo, imagery and lifestyle images).

Monitor your brand with DAM data

Brand monitoring is the icing on the cake for your guidelines and DAM. Track the views of your guidelines to measure how much they’re being used, by whom, and where. You can also monitor downloads, embeds and shares of your individual brand assets to determine their efficacy and performance.

When your guidelines and brand assets are discoverable and accessible, the number of brand questions asked of marketing teams starts to dwindle. So if you haven’t already, get your brand guidelines in your DAM system, share them with those who create content for your organization — and make better marketing decisions for your brand today!

Contact us to learn all the different ways you can promote and monitor your brand with digital asset management.

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