DAM as a Service for the Modern Marketer

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Efficiency is one of the major factors for reducing costs and increasing profits. This includes being able to work in as autonomous a fashion as possible. In a perfect situation, the IT people can focus on keeping technology running smoothly as well as augmenting the capabilities of in-house networks, management can put more effort into making decisions that will help surpass goals, and marketing teams can concentrate on creating revenue opportunities. In other words, each person can stick to the primary reason for their position instead of making others go off task because they need assistance.

Digital Asset Management as a ServiceSuch a situation only occurs in a non-existent perfect world because computer problems will always arise and needing assistance can never be entirely avoided. Reducing the need for help outside one’s department with a subsequent rise in efficiency, however, can be accomplished if a separate group devoted to giving such assistance is available. At a glance, this wouldn’t seem to be very cost effective but when such assistance is an inherent aspect of another service that is billed on a monthly basis, it becomes an attractive and feasible means of greatly increasing efficiency.

DAM software delivered as a service fulfills this role as it can be accurately described as Digital Asset Management as a service. Just a few of the reasons why DAM is essentially a service and provides assistance to marketers are:

    • Digital Assets are hosted and available on demand – Instead of marketing teams needing to waste time and thus increase costs by requesting materials from other gatekeepers or recreating their own materials, they can simply access their company’s digital asset library online and choose the necessary materials.


    • Automatic upgrades SaaS DAM such as that available from Widen includes automatic upgrades to ensure that in-house IT people aren’t wasting their time figuring out what went wrong and how to fix it. Plus, upgrades are presented on a more regular basis as a result of global user feedback and market research.


    • Training for admins and end-users – Since DAM is a service, training is provided to all users to make sure that they can take full advantage of the DAM technology as well as avoid wasting precious time in learning how to use it on their own.


  • Availability and project support – With DAM as a Service, digital asset hosting is available all of the time. No matter how geographically dispersed marketing teams may be, they will always be able to access the same library of materials as long as they can connect to the Internet. The same goes for anyone needing assistance. Instead of wasting the time of the corporate marketing or IT people, marketing partners and sales channels can speak with people from Widen to quickly find the solution to their problem.

Request a demo to learn why DAM as a service from Widen is a top choice for marketing organizations of all sizes.

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