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DAM: Bringing Order to a Marketer’s Chaos

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Forrester and Widen discuss to use of digital asset management to enhance the customer experience.

As countries around the world respond to the coronavirus pandemic, many people have made the shift to working from home. For businesses that had already adopted agile digital tools, this transition might not have caused many disruptions. But for companies who relied on face-to-face meetings or physical tools to execute their content workflow, these changes upended processes and forced teams to search for new ways to work. As a result for many, today’s working life is more chaotic than ever before.

To dig into these new challenges and understand the additional impacts they’re having on businesses, we interviewed Nick Barber, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, who says the coronavirus has changed consumer behavior. 

People confined to their homes are shopping online, pushing U.S. e-commerce sales in the first quarter to a 14.5% increase over the same period in 2019. But according to research from Forrester1, despite this jump in online activity the quality of the customer experience is suffering. And pervasive digital sameness is to blame. Across sites and apps there are similar layouts, information, and service offerings. For example, in the travel industry, it is hard to remember where one website stops and another starts: the flight details, illustrations, tickets, and advertisements all look remarkably similar. As a result, the customer experience can be monotonous.

And it’s the customer experience that keeps visitors coming back. According to a blog post by David Truog of Forrester, "...with most people cooped up at home, it's suddenly more important than ever to get digital experiences right." So how do you avoid digital sameness and enhance the customer experience across the lifecycle? Rich media. 

Digital asset management (DAM) solutions can help teams produce and manage rich media allowing teams to create inspiring and engaging work amidst the chaos and bringing order to their content. With centralized, self-serve access to all assets, DAM platforms support collaboration across teams and the creation of new and compelling customer experiences. 

Benefits of DAM technology


Our DAM system, the Widen Collective®, gives marketers a thorough and accurate view of all their available content so they are able to easily find the most current, approved-for-use version of each asset. This visibility also extends the value of assets by helping marketers identify opportunities for repurposing and reuse. 


With the help of robust metadata, files in the Collective can be located in minutes — if not seconds. Further, all stakeholders are able to access what they need on their own. These efficiencies eliminate bottlenecks, streamline workflows, and encourage cross-team collaboration. 

Brand consistency 

Consumers expect a seamless, relevant brand experience at every touch point. Even small inconsistencies can compromise trust. The Collective acts as the central source of truth for all brand assets, so stakeholders use the same content across distribution channels. This coordinated messaging helps marketers create unique customer experiences that are within the boundaries of their brand guidelines.   

Eliminating rights issues around asset use

Functionality for roles and permissions in the Collective control which assets are available to which users. This allows brands to give a range of internal users and external partners access to assets, while protecting sensitive content. These controls also help uphold the terms of licensing agreements to ensure proper use.

Enhance your customer experience with DAM technology

Creating engaging customer experiences across digital touch points is no small feat, especially when creative collaboration has to happen virtually. Chaos leads to workflow inefficiencies, digital sameness, and brand inconsistency. With DAM technology, marketers are empowered to spend less time on the mundane, and more time being strategic, creative, and engaged in designing richer customer experiences. 

Understanding how to select, deploy, and drive adoption of a DAM system across an organization can help teams adjust to their new reality and position themselves to be ready for challenges in the future. 

Listen to the full recording of our webinar featuring Forrester, “Set Your Organization Up for DAM Success,” and learn how to leverage digital asset management to bring order to content creation and optimize your customer experiences.


1 Expectations And Experiences: The Impact Of Your Customers' Expectations On CX Quality (Report available from Forrester for purchase or with a subscription.)

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