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Widen Collective Insights: digital asset management analytics for the smarter marketer

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Widen Collective v9.0 is here! Our latest release introduces Insights, our powerful new digital asset management analytics tool. Here are a few reasons we’re thrilled to share it:

1.  You’ve upped your game...that is, you store substantially more content in your DAM system. On average, our customers uploaded more than 10% more assets in 2015 than in 2014. With greater amounts of content comes a greater responsibility to prove its value. DAM Insights can reveal the ROI of your content across all channels and users.

2.  You have connected DAM to your CMS, CRM, intranets, e-commerce sites, and a multitude of other business tools. You track data using these systems, and DAM data is an important piece of the marketing technology puzzle.

3.  As the first comprehensive analytics upgrade under our Agile development model, your feedback powered our product direction. The result is you get more value from your digital content.

Watch this video to learn more about Widen Collective Insights

Think back to when you committed to DAM. What drove the decision? I bet it went something like this: Your company produces assets to market a brand, and those assets have to be readily accessible to your marketing team. DAM helps you get optimal value from these assets by providing a place to store and share your content.

But what if you could do more with DAM? What if you could…

  • ...see how assets will be used outside DAM?
  • ...track who uses which assets?
  • ...measure how assets perform across the web?

Marketers are now expected to answer these granular questions, and DAM Insights can help. With sleek dashboards and charts, you can now unveil the return on your marketing spend. Here are some common problems and questions that DAM Insights can address: 

A. Problem. We use embed codes on public-facing websites and it would be nice to know where in the world people are viewing the assets from.

Collective Insights solution. Get geographic data on where the views occur, down to the city.

B. Problem. We use Collective to share content across all channels, but not everyone has a site login. How can we find out who downloads our content and how they use it?

Collective Insights solution. Choose your unique Intended Use values and collect data on who plans to use assets and why (Social media post? Brochure? In-store signage?). This is especially handy for Collection downloads and the Order Pickup page, where users don’t have to be logged in. Harvest this data in DAM Insights!

C. Problem. Most asset data is only available at the individual asset level. I’d prefer to see it aggregated across many assets so I get a holistic picture and easily compare it to other data sources.

Collective Insights solution. See aggregated data for entire categories, asset groups or collections. Then, export raw data and combine it with other sources like web analytics, CMS analytics or web marketing platforms.

D. Problem. I don’t know how my company is engaging with DAM and its assets. 

Collective Insights solution. View shareable user and asset engagement dashboards with your leadership team.

Media Collective Digital Asset Management Insights


How do you plan to use DAM Insights to measure marketing efforts? Share your ideas on our Collective LinkedIn Group. You can also share your ideas with us

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