DAM Software and the Need for Immediate Action

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DAM Software and the Need for Immediate ActionIncreased web speeds and capabilities have allowed phenomena such as social media and cloud computing to become standards on the web. The ability to quickly transfer high amounts of information also makes it possible to effectively use digital asset management programs in an online platform. As the Internet has become more capable, people’s expectations regarding the web have also gone up. Internet users no longer tolerate waiting for than a few seconds for an image or video to download. They have become accustomed to watching online videos in real time and won’t accept anything less. They have come to expect instant gratification when it comes to everything digital and companies need to keep up or face the consequences of unhappy customers.

The quick and efficient nature of digital asset management tools can help with problems related to the instant digital world in which we now live and work. Some of ways that DAM software can help in this regard are:

Getting Brand Consistency on Track – There is a fair chance that companies with a large digital library have issues related to brand management and control. The reason for these digital asset branding problems is related to control over assets afforded by DAM. Without the type of strict user controls that brand asset management programs provide, it’s just about certain that branding will suffer because users will simply choose the digital assets they personally prefer or the ones that are easiest to find. This takes consistency out of the equation and consequently takes away from a brand’s authority in the market. DAM helps to avoid problems with branding in the first place, but it can also be used to quickly fix such issues. Once user roles and access levels have been determined for various groups of assets, administration should work to promote and require all users to only work with materials available in their DAM system. They can also require marketing and salespeople to send out new materials that incorporate this limited number of assets to get consistent branding back on track.

Assisting with Public Relations – DAM is also an excellent tool for dealing with PR matters. The Internet has so simplified mass communication that ideas, images, videos, and stories can go viral in a matter of hours. This is fantastic if a company is shown in a positive light but when the opposite occurs, it becomes a marketing and PR disaster. The quick and efficient communication and mass dissemination of PR materials made possible by digital asset management tools and workflows can help offset a PR crisis on local and global levels. Image asset management can help your teams quickly distribute messaging, photos and videos to effectively communicate your message in addition to providing access to 3rd-party PR partners and key media contacts.

Speeding Time to Market – Many organization’s marketing practices revolve around proper timing and the ability to "strike while the iron is hot" with circumstantial hot market conditions. Utilizing marketing asset management programs allows organizations to meet hot market conditions in a couple of ways. (1) To streamline the creation of new or "repurposed" digital assets by easily locating and reusing pre-existing materials. (2) To quickly disseminate new hot market materials to get digital assets in front of consumers by way of push (sending assets to external users) and/or pull methods (inviting external users to your DAM system). DAM users can share new digital assets with their customers and sales channels or empower external users to get what they need on their own. Bottom line, DAM solutions foster the ability to be prepared to quickly respond to digital asset requests at a moment’s notice.

To learn more about how web-based DAM solutions can give you more control and agility with brand assets, sign up for a guest pass to the Widen demo site and take the tour on your own!

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