DAM Software and the Trend to Go Mobile

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The Internet happened and allowed people to use their computers to send and receive messages. Email was born and as technology got better, people also started sending digital files of documents and images attached to emails. Somewhere along the way, cell phone technology took off like a rocket and millions of people were free to talk on the phone without the constraints of a land line. Not long after, they were also sending and receiving text messages with their phones, spending more time sending and receiving emails with their phones than with their computers, and even using their phone as a digital camera.

DAM Software and the Trend to Go MobileiPods and other mp3 players also came into existence and promptly replaced Walkmans as a portable music device. What came next was inevitable and predictable; gadgets that could be used as a phone that stored and played large amounts of music, and that could be used to access and surf the Internet. The mobile device was born and although they are still being developed, don’t be surprised if this wave of the communication future makes its predecessors obsolete. Some would say that mobile devices have already done this although it’s hard to believe that they could ever fully replace much cheaper cell phones. Even if they don’t, every company needs to pay close attention to where mobile devices are headed. The reason for this is simple: sooner or later, these handheld computers are going to be the main platform for communication for most of their customers.

Potential clients will keep talking on the phone and continue to communicate with emails and text messages but they will also be using their mobile devices to watch online videos, to search for and buy products online, to use them as a GPS to locate brick and mortar stores, and to check out social media sites for restaurant recommendations. It will be a personal, indispensable tool for hundreds of millions of people throughout the globe and they will be using their mobile devices to help them make decisions for just about everything.

Digital asset management tools will become just as an essential part of this near future to keep track of the huge volumes of digital media assets used to foster connections with clients via their mobile devices. Some form of online video management will become necessary for just about every company given that this will be the preferred media format for mobile device users. Digital asset management programs will also provide the type of control over assets needed for effective, localized branding that targets mobile device users. In general, DAM will be needed for companies to adapt to working within the new marketing dynamic integrating a wide blend of mediums and platforms.

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