DAM Software as a Service or Installed DAM Software

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DAM Software as a Service or Installed DAM SoftwareThere are two main routes to take in finding the right DAM solution to your growing frustrations and problems that come from managing, finding and distributing your digital assets.

You can (1) search for someone to install licensed DAM software that is designed for local digital asset hosting, or (2) sign up for DAM Software as a Service with a monthly subscription and cloud DAM hosting.

Since the second option has also been custom designed to meet challenges related to managing and distributing digital assets for marketing groups, one might think that there isn’t much difference between the two. However, as with many roads signed to the same place, one is often longer or one has fewer roadblocks than the other, and there is also the real possibility that one of the roads might not even reach the right destination.

Some of the reasons why DAM Software as a Service may be a better option for you than installed DAM software when planning digital asset management programs are:

1. Time – The amount of time it takes to implement a marketing DAM system is vastly different between the two options. Whereas it can be several months or longer before the installed DAM software is ready for use (and even then it might not be ready to roll-out to your users), whereas DAM Software as a Service that has been tried and tested by many marketing groups can be ready to help your business grow in a few short weeks. Since earnings are a function of time, SaaS DAM wins hands down over installed DAM software when it comes to a quick implementation.

2. Support – Once you get your own licensed system to manage your digital asset library, you may own it but don’t expect the person who wrote it to be around to support it. It might also take a while for your in house IT people to fix bugs, make it work the way you want it to, deploy upgrades, or use it to its full potential. With Digital Asset Management Software as a Service, however, in house IT does not have to waste time with such issues because any and all support will be taken care of by the DAM SaaS vendor. This is a major strength and principal aspect of a DAM SaaS company. Widen support teams will be there 24 hours a day, make sure that your DAM system is properly implemented, will do their best to boost user adoption with training at all levels of use, and will provide upgrades that are automatically deployed to you two to four times a year.

3. Scalability – Something that is frequently overlooked when looking for licensed installed DAM software is how scalable the DAM system will be once deployed on their internal network. In other words, will the software in question allow for huge increases in the use of the DAM system (both in terms of user numbers and space for hosting)? Due to the rapid growth of digital media and supporting technology, there is a pretty good chance that licensed software hosted in house will not be able to keep up unless you’re in an environment where your IT is able to fully support the needs of Marketing. DAM Software as a Service using cloud DAM resources, on the other hand, can easily scale with huge numbers of larger files and more users because assets are hosted and processed on a cloud computing platform.

4. Cost – DAM Software as a Service often costs much, much less than customized installed DAM software. The reason for this is that it has already been designed with extreme configurability in mind, all IT resources are included, and you are paying for the service fit for a monthly budget as opposed to paying high upfront capital expenses for so-called ownership of the product.

Sign up for a digital asset management sandbox to learn how easy it is to adapt to a Software as a Service solution from Widen or take the tour on your own to see for yourself.

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