DAM Software Helps a Business Focus on Core Strategies

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Software designed for business is developed for the same basic reasons that other tools have been developed since the dawn of civilization:

  • To help the user complete a task that would have otherwise been impossible, and
  • To obtain resources or benefits with as little expenditure of energy as possible.

DAM Software for BusinessAs disparate as they may appear to be at first glance, there are innumerable analogies that can be made between basic, ancient technologies and modern technologies. For example, the development of the bow and arrow allowed users to successfully hunt animals that had been impossible to catch because they were too swift for rocks or spears. The development of social media has likewise made it possible to share pictures and comment on videos in real time with people who live as far away as Australia.

Just as nets were invented to help an individual catch more fish with less effort, social media platforms are used to connect with hundreds of individuals by merely pressing a button as opposed to spending huge amounts of time and resources on travel to meet individuals with common interests.

Whereas the domestication of animals allowed communities to grow and have a bit more time to invest in what they preferred to do rather than what they needed to do in order to survive, digital asset management programs enable a business to put more of their focus on doing what it takes to surpass goals. This is especially the case when management of digital assets is carried out with the help of a Software as a Service platform.

SaaS DAM asset management helps companies allocate more resources to core strategies because:

    • The tool has already been developed by experts in the field – Attempting to develop digital asset management software tools from scratch might result in costly systems that don’t work or don’t have the appropriate features and scalability to meet the ongoing needs of the organization. Software that has already been developed, tested, and successfully put to use by DAM experts however, is far more likely to meet most of a company’s digital asset hosting needs.


    • The software is maintained by the people who made it Companies can also be assured of consistent, smoothly functioning tools because maintenance, upgrades, and technical assistance for the software in question is carried out by the same experts who designed it to begin with. In house IT professionals can focus on other more important tasks and leave the ongoing maintenance and support up to the DAM SaaS provider.


  • Overall efficiency is increased When hosting and maintenance of digital assets is done by the Software as a Service provider, each functional area can focus on their more critical tasks while having a resource for collaboration fit for future growth strategies. Management can concentrate on decisions for the future outlook of the operation, marketing teams can focus on executing more targeted campaigns, and IT can dedicate resources to integrating tools and maintaining the core operations of the business.

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