DAMs contain the flood of digital media

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Guest Blog Post from Ben Johnsen, Widen Sales Representative

Last weekend while attending a wedding reception, I had the opportunity to have a very memorable conversation with the bride.  She came up to me and asked how work was going?  She said since all the rain and flooding, business must be doing well!  Now, my friend, the groom, has a good idea on what we do here at Widen, and I had thought his wife would to, but apparently when she saw my Facebook status as “Ben is selling DAMs” she literally thought I sold dams - as in dams for water containment and hydroelectric power.  She then went on saying how she was very impressed, and did not realize that people actually went around and sold dams. 


It was my fault she did not have a good idea on what I am selling.  Although quite funny, I realized when talking about Widen with other people, I sometimes forget they might not be familiar with Digital Asset Management.

In an ideal world, everyone would know DAM means Digital Asset Management, but in reality people who do not work directly with marketing, communications or creative groups might not realize that the amount of digital media created and consumed warrants a need for a DAM system.  Each day, creative departments are creating photos, logos, graphics and any other branded promotional materials to help drive revenue and build brand recognition for their organization, and each day they need a place to store and organize these files in addition to a means to easily distribute them. 

That’s what Widen does.  We help you contain the flood of digital media and direct it wherever it is to be used and consumed. 

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