Dear Dr. DAM: Agency Needing DAM to Handle Rapid Influx of Photos and Videos

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DEAR DR. DAM:  I’m Marcia, the Creative Director for an advertising / media agency.  I’m in search of a digital asset management system that can help us manage a rapid influx of photography and videos to be produced in the very near future.  I need something that can go live in 30 days.  Can you recommend a DAM system with strong video handling capabilities?  We have about 20,000 images that we’re currently storing locally with a file folder and tagging convention, but we basically have little organization.  We’re anticipating a rapid increase in photo and video production and need a globally accessible media management solution to match our clients growing needs as they currently have no way to manage the growth.  Our requirements include: global access via web browser, robust security, functionally fit (easy to use), simple uploads, Mac and PC compatible, and strong collaboration engine. 

DEAR MARCIA-MARCIA-MARCIA:  No sweat, the Widen system has you covered.  Because it’s SaaS, your client will have no problem with the scalability demands.  That will save you the need for more capital expenditures on hardware internally and you will only pay for what you use when you need it.  Photography and video handling is Widen’s forte.  Widen’s project collaboration application will allow you to route project media for comment and approval tracking before releasing to the digital asset library.  If you’re working with PDF documents, you can take advantage of the Adobe Acrobat Pro Shared Review and markup tools.  If your client is in need of a more robust photography workflow management application, Backdrop is a photography routing and approval application that has the ability to configure the automated routing actions and notifications according to custom workflows.  As for video handling, the Widen VAM system will allow you to ingest your highest definition video files, offer you full file previewing and then transcode to any desired format on-the-fly.  Your client may take interest in the newly released digital asset embed links for publishing videos and photography to online channels.  Embed links offers several repurposing benefits without chewing up bandwidth for downloads.  Nonetheless, Widen will have you up and running with a fully functional DAM system in less than 30 days that will help with the video management needs.


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