Dear Dr. DAM: Agency Seeking Video Asset Management Solution to Save Dozens of Hours in Manual Tasks per Month

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DEAR DR. DAM:  I have a question for you and think it might be related to video hosting and DAM.  I see from your blogs that you give advice to people on what to do when they have issues managing their digital files.  Hopefully you will be able to help me out.  To start, you can call me “video dude” and I’m the owner of a small marketing and creative agency that specializes in short form video production focusing on building brand recognition for our clients.  Our current process involves taking the raw digital video footage from the client and editing it into several five minute segments for publishing to their websites.  We complete roughly 15-20 video clips a day.  After we cut up the raw files into short segments, we save the file to our hard drive in a high resolution format.  Then, depending on what client it is, we convert that file to the format requested.  After it is converted, we put that file on our FTP site and the client can then access it from there.  Now, is there a relatively low-cost “lite” video asset management solution that can help me streamline this workflow?  We probably spend 5-10 minutes per conversion and spend several more minutes on the phone with the client instructing them on how to download the correct file.  We’re pretty sure there’s a way to streamline the manual processes and communications.  Right?  Thanks, “Video Dude.”

DEAR VIDEO DUDE:  Thanks for writing...  You are correct.  I can help you streamline your video production and distribution workflow with one simple recommendation.  Check out Widen’s digital asset management system and see how it will provide you with full storing, previewing, converting and downloading functions for your video files.  The Widen system is a low-cost “lite” video management solution that will replace the need for passing around videotapes, sending clips via email or messing with FTP sites.  After you upload the highest definition video formats available, your clients can log into the web based DAM, search for the correct video and download it in whatever format they need with transcoding on the fly .  You mentioned you spend 5-10 minutes per clip converting them, and you deal with 15-20 clips per day.  The Widen Media Collective will save roughly 25 hours a month that you currently spend just converting those files!  Plus, the built-in workflow and email features will foster more effective communication with your clients.  Hope this helps… If you have any more questions about DAM solutions, feel free to write back. Thanks, Dr. DAM.


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