Dear Dr. DAM: Are There DAM Solutions that Enable our Marketing Teams to Work in Different States?

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DEAR DR.DAM: Hi, my name is Jim and I manage the marketing division of a company that deals in textiles. Despite difficulties in the economy as a whole, we have actually managed to expand our operations and grow at a quicker pace than expected! No one here is complaining about our success, but we have run into some issues related to our sudden growth. Up until two months ago, our company solely worked in the state in which we are based, Wisconsin. Our recent growth, however, has allowed us expand into such states as California, Maine, and Indiana. Instead of just working from our headquarters, marketing teams are now doing much more traveling than any other time in our company history. We realized that we had some obstacles to overcome after the second trip that one of our marketing teams made out of state.

The night before a key presentation was scheduled, I got a call from Ed, one of our top reps. As soon as I answered the phone, I knew there was a problem because I had never heard Ed sound so stressed (except maybe when the Packers are losing). To make a long story short, his laptop had crashed and guess where the key video presentation we had all worked on was located? I rushed over to headquarters to email him the file and was eventually able to do so but the whole process took three hours! The main problem I ran into was that we had recently acquired so many images and videos for marketing purposes that it took me two and a half hours to find the video for the presentation! The other half hour was dedicated to emailing the video which added to my frustration because it was too large to email as one attachment. I resolved that issue by sending it as two separate files, and the presentation ended up being successful but the whole process made us all very aware of the potential problems we now face in working with more frequency outside of our headquarters. I suspect that using DAM software to manage our digital assets will deal with these and other unforeseen issues just waiting in the wings but could you please explain how?

DEAR JUMBLED MESS JIM: Your suspicions are correct! Digital asset software developed by Widen to manage a digital asset library has been designed to deal with just the sort of issues that you have described as well as others that will be certainly confronted when using digital assets that are hosted on in-house servers. With Widen's creative Software as a Service solutions, any problems associated with sending or receiving large files in addition to the need to send them from the office are negated by hosting your digital assets in the cloud. Instead of having to search for and send the file in pieces from your headquarters, it can be simply downloaded by anyone with permission to access the file via the Internet. You will also find that your digital marketing assets are easier to organize and therefore more quickly found and available in immediately usable formats digital asset management tools. These basic features will make it very easy for marketing teams to work not just in other states, but even in other countries and will give your company the tools it needs to continue with its growth.

Dr. DAM 

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