Dear Dr. DAM: Could I have the energy to put in a DAM System on my own?

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DEAR DR. DAM:  My name is Jackie and I’m a “Jack of all Trades-Master of None” one person marketing team for a large energy corporation.  I handle it all – marketing, communications and PR – but, with the help of several key outsourced providers and partners.  Since I handle all of our business branding and promotional materials, I deal with a large amount of digital media.  We have hundreds of files … mostly images, videos and brochures … used for ad campaigns, websites, mail inserts, presentations and investor materials. 

We pay a lot of money for photography and videography but this digital content seems to always have a way of disappearing after only one or two uses.  It’s like “poof” and it’s gone.  Different departments throughout the company have no idea what other departments have.   We are constantly recreating old stuff instead of repurposing existing work or creating new stuff.  It’s definitely becoming very frustrating and seems like we’re missing out on a lot of opportunity.  It’s hard to realize any marketing ROI if we can’t realize the full value of our assets.  I attempted to implement a DAM system about 6 years ago, but didn’t have the time to dedicate to a project like this and the project got pushed to the back-burner.  Now it’s time… point me in the right direction Dr. DAM.

DEAR JACKIE OF ALL TRADES:  I like that you’re able to rely on an outsourced team of experts that are just a phone call away.  It makes you look like a star and you have the best help available.  As a hosted digital asset management provider, Widen has proven that for over a decade and sounds like it’s time for you to “phone a friend.”  With centralized digital asset storage for all your photos, videos, Flash animations, illustrations, brochures, logos, and press clippings you won’t have assets slipping through the cracks or vanishing on you.  With administrative access controls, you can open up the digital asset library up to nearly all 5,000 internal employees as well as external partners while maintaining control with sophisticated digital asset tracking tools.

Don’t be overwhelmed… This project is something you can handle on your own and with the help of the right DAM SaaS vendor.  SaaS vendors like Widen have entire teams of project managers and implementation consultants that walk you through everything from best practices to training and help desk support.  Plus, automatic upgrades future proof your marketing resources from going extinct.  Best of all, I.T. will continue to support the business operations and  you can stay on top of everything marketing operations while you get to be a little more savvy with marketing software.  Need to quantify the time and money on DAM activities, check out the ROI Calculator from


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