Dear Dr. DAM: Food for thought for our Sales Channels

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DEAR DR. DAM:  I am a marketing director for a fairly large food company.  We have over 100 outside sales people whose main job is to sell more of our product.  I have been getting very upset at the quality of the sales materials they put together and use such as brochures, posters and information sheets that they are handing out to potential clients.  They are stretching and pulling the logos, and the looks of all of them vary from one piece to the next.  We have given all of them examples on how they should look, but it seems nobody is following it.  Also, is there a way to track who has used what and when they last used it?  So if one sales person decided to pursue another opportunity, can the new person who took their place know what they have used, and when they last used it?  I hope you have suggestions for marketing software that can help us. 

DEAR FEARED REP FOOD MARKETER:  I understand what you are going through … hear it all the time.  I think you should take a look at Widen’s Dynamic Media Builder.  This application allows your sales channels to create their own localized promotional materials from a list of pre-approved content.  You can make templates for almost anything, such as brochures, posters and information sheets.  On these templates, you can also choose what logos to use, where they go, and then your sales channels cannot stretch or alter those logos. With this system, you can also run reports on who has done what.  It is a good way to see who is using the tool and how often they use it. Hope this will help you out.


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