Dear Dr. DAM: How Can DAM Help With Our Branding?

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DEAR DR. DAM: This is Tom and I work in management for a food processing company located in the west. Because we work with a well established client base that has been gradually built over the course of four decades, we didn’t see much need to establish an online presence until a few years ago. That was when analysts linked negative trends in revenue to competition with other companies (some of which are international) that also happen to have a strong web presence for their brand.

We took this as a wake-up call to get moving and finally adapt our brand to the web and so wasted no time in hiring top quality web designers to engineer a fantastic website. At the same time, we also made the decision to do more online marketing with high quality videos and images. These were produced quicker than I had hoped and turned out to be very good in my opinion. So, we have all of these marketing materials, some of which are being used in campaigns as I speak, and yet I am a bit troubled. One of my concerns involves branding. We have a so-so digital asset library but I worry that the large number of assets could run counter to effective brand management and since we are trying to reestablish ourselves, I think this is a critical point. We are considering investing in some sort of marketing asset management tools for other reasons but can it also help with branding?

DEAR BRAND TROUBLED TOM: From what you have said it sounds like you are already realize that you are in need of a marketing asset management system to ensure the right people use the right assets so I won’t go into all of the reasons why you are right about that. I hope you also realize that your instincts are spot on when it comes to being concerned that branding can be affected by a large corporate image library. Having a good set of digital assets for marketing is essential for many companies now that the Internet and social media play such huge roles in people’s lives but care must be taken to use those materials strategically. If all of your marketers are given free access to all of those materials, the lack of control over those assets will result in haphazard marketing that will be anti-productive when it comes to brand building.

Fortunately, to answer your question, yes, DAM helps very much with branding because it provides a much needed means of organization and centralized control over assets. Sales rep Tom over in Idaho, marketing associate Sue in Nevada, and sales rep John in Utah can only use videos and images with a certain logo because administration makes the decision about which assets they are allowed to use. Furthermore, marketing asset management tools make it easy to empower reps to build targeted marketing materials using your brand approved images, messaging and templates.


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