Dear Dr. DAM: How Can I Convince the Higher Ups that We Need DAM?

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DEAR DR. DAM: This is Janet, the new art director for a marketing and advertising agency that produces digital artwork for clients from a wide variety of sectors. I took this position because it seemed to be an excellent career choice. Although I was working for a larger company, my present place of employment recruited me with better pay, more benefits, and a real chance to move up the corporate ladder. It was an exciting move until I ran into some obstacles that we had already overcome at my former place of employment.

Whereas DAM software was an accepted and inherent aspect of managing digital assets at the old job, digital asset management programs don’t even seem to be part of the administration’s vocabulary at my present place of work. You would think that because we create and distribute thousands of digital assets, digital media asset management tools would already be a well incorporated aspect of working here. Instead, however, because there isn’t any easy way to quickly find files with the current set up, I find myself spending far more of my time searching for video or artwork instead of focusing on core tasks. This is a big contrast to my position at my former place of employment. I still think I made the correct choice but I am worried that if I don’t convince my bosses to use digital media asset management software, there might not be any corporate steps left for me to climb!

I heard that the administration looked into creating their own DAM but since that was too costly and time consuming, they opted for buying a new server to archive our steadily growing number of digital assets. This move pleased the IT people but it hasn’t made my job any easier. My main question to you then is, “How can I convince my bosses that the company desperately needs software for digital asset hosting and management”?

DEAR JANET IN A JAM: Janet, you are in the perfect position for convincing the administration of their need for DAM. I suggest making a presentation that demonstrates the difference between the way digital assets were managed at your old job and the way that they are managed at your present place of work. A graph that demonstrates the amount of time spent on core tasks at both places of work should easily show how DAM augments efficiency. When they ask why you didn’t have to spend so much time searching for files at your previous place of work, explain what Metadata is and how it’s used to organize digital assets. When they mention that they already looked into DAM and because it was too costly, bought the new server, you can respond by explaining how Software as a Service makes more sense. It's priced for a monthly budget, more stable than creating your own DAM, no new servers will be needed because everything can be hosted in the cloud and your IT resources won't be sucked up in maintenance. Good luck in your presentation and I look forward to hearing the positive outcome.

Dr. DAM 

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