Dear Dr. DAM: How Can Our Regional Reps Quickly Customize Our Brand Collateral?

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DEAR DR. DAM: This is Steve and I could really use your advice with this obstacle faced by my company. We distribute sound recording equipment in a number of the Eastern Seaboard states and have recently expanded into the Midwest. Making the conversion from being 100% brick and mortar to a company with a strong online presence has been a challenge but it has certainly paid off. As we have become more adapted to doing business online and in expanded environments, we have been presented with a number of trials and obstacles. We always manage to find a solution but there is one problem that we just seem to be stuck on.

In conjunction with our expansion, we naturally have a higher number of regional sales reps. The online DAM software we use has allowed them to more easily collaborate with marketing teams and has given them easy and immediate access to branded materials. This has greatly improved brand consistency and facilitates working with our digital image library so that obviously isn’t the problem. The issue at hand is having a means for reps to customize sales materials for local markets without sacrificing brand integrity. In other words, I don’t want our reps to create their own assets because I don’t want to change our logos and proven branding assets, but I DO want them to be able to put their contact information on the collateral as well as pricing that befits their task.

I realize that different regions or situations require varying methodologies to make sales so I want our reps to have the means of customizing our marketing materials but just not too much. I can’t figure out how to make this happen with our present set of digital asset management tools so I ask you if this is even possible.

DEAR STUCK STEVE: In answer to your question, “Yes, you most certainly can have sales reps create customized marketing assets to adapt to varying situations without sacrificing brand consistency.” The way to make this happen is with Widen’s Dynamic Media Building application. In fact, it is specifically designed to do exactly what you are looking for - Marketing Asset Management. If the brand asset management software you are using happens to be from Widen, customer service would be more than happy to help you implement this tool to help you get past that obstacle. If you aren’t using Widen, then you may want to switch to Widen’s Software as a Service tools, which can provide you with a smooth transition to scalable Marketing Asset Management. If you're not ready to switch, at least give the Widen sandbox a try to see for yourself that this is the solution to your problem.

Dr. DAM 

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