Dear Dr. DAM: How Do I Improve User Adoption of our DAM Software?

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DEAR DR. DAM: My name is Becky and I am in charge of marketing for a small business that distributes products related to gardening. We have only recently begun to switch over to marketing and selling online because customer loyalty and the strength of our brand name allowed us to meet goals with the same strategies we have been using for the past four decades. It wasn’t until the past three years that indications and trends demonstrated that the time had come to adapt to a more digitally-based marketing model. No matter how established we were in the gardening supply business, we realized that we could no longer forego changing our ways if we were to stay competitive. Fortunately, decisions were quickly made to not only invest in creating top of the line videos and photography to boost our corporate image library, but to also adopt Software as a Service for online digital asset management.

I was pretty happy with the direction we were taking because I had followed trends in marketing over the past ten years and was frankly becoming worried that our company was taking too long to make the changes necessary to stay competitive. It was a big relief to see that administrators were all on board with using DAM asset management and I was thrilled to see that the decision was quickly made to opt for third-party hosting of our digital assets so you can only imagine my grating frustration when so few of our marketers appeared to be using the new system! I couldn’t believe it. I mean here we are with a sizeable digital asset library, an updated killer website with e-commerce, blog, and the means for more direct marketing at several social media outlets and yet a good number of our people just don’t want to use the new system! I have made it clear that they don’t have a choice but how else can I get them to adopt our digital asset management tools NOW?

DEAR STOP BANGING YOUR HEAD AGAINST THE WALL BECKY: I fully agree with you that adopting a digital asset hosting and on-demand marketing solution now as opposed to later was the right thing to do. I also feel your frustration in having software ready and willing to segway your brand name over to a digital based platform as well as tools that allow you to take full advantage of killer digital assets, yet some of your marketers don’t want to get with the new program! You shouldn’t feel alone in your frustration as this is actually a common problem when a company adopts new DAM technologies for the first time. Get ready to lower that stress level though because there are some easy and proven solutions to this testy situation!

One of the best ways to get your people on board with making full use of your DAM solution is to provide simple training sessions that concentrate on the benefits and ease of using a DAM system. Let them see first-hand how much easier it is to collaborate with other team members, show them the dramatic difference between finding assets in a web-based digital asset library versus sifting through folders on the shared network folder, and make them aware of the problems you're more likely to reduce using DAM vs. outdated means - such as using the most current logo. Most importantly, cut off employees from doing things the "old-fashioned way." Stop fulfilling requests and teach your users how to get what they need on their own. You will be surprised at how soon your stress level drops as they quickly adopt the new brand asset management software!


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