Dear Dr. DAM: I Need Easier DAM Software!

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DEAR DR. DAM: Hi, this is Tina and I work in the marketing department for a second tier university in Texas. A lot of folks don’t realize this but universities require a lot of attention to marketing. Each department has to more or less try and sell itself to potential students and therefore requires different sets of materials. For example, you wouldn’t believe the number of videos requested by the university relations department while even the information services department is putting in requests for dozens of high quality images. You see, there is a lot of competition for getting a good education in this country and just like other schools, we have had to constantly improve our digital asset library and adapt to online marketing that makes use of social networks.

Trying to keep track of all of our videos and images needed for each department has basically become a major headache. In response to urgent requests for help from myself and my colleagues, the administration gave in to acquiring a DAM system but went the cheap route by having graduate students in the computer sciences department develop something proprietary! To be honest, I was afraid that it was going to be a mess and guess what? I was right!! This thing is so hard to use that it has become even more difficult to find appropriate videos and images. Since we started using it for video asset management, things have really gone downhill. I mean the program goes so slow that I can go get a cup of coffee down the hall and take the time to complain about this program to my friends and it still hasn’t finished what it started! I tell you I am really ticked off about this. Can you tell me if there is an easier type of digital asset management solution for colleges and universities?

DEAR TICKED OFF TINA FROM TEXAS: I feel your frustration and especially so because digital asset management programs don’t need to be so difficult to deploy, manage and use. They should by all means be very easy and straightforward to use so I can assure you that your experience with your DAM system should be far easier and less stressful. Although it’s hard to say, I suspect that your program is going so slow because all of those videos and images are eating up immense amounts of space and choking the proprietary system. This can be alleviated with a hosted DAM system from a software-as-a-service provider because all of those large assets will be hosted on third-party servers. Cloud DAM as a service also makes using it a piece of cake because all users will be trained. A project manager whose job is to make sure that you are able to easily use and make the most out of your digital asset management tools will be assigned to help you get started.


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