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Dear Dr. DAM: I Need Help With Image Storage Now!

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DEAR DR. DAM: My name is Jack and I am in charge of the image portfolio of an online company that deals with car parts. This past year, partnerships with several car part companies have allowed us to expand our operations considerably. Since I also take many of the pictures that we use, getting the proper images was the first time consuming step. That went well but now our main issue is finding a place to store everything!

By everything, I mean like at least 50,000 images and that is just to start. We also expect to increase our portfolio by at least 20,000 images a year. Since they are pretty much all high resolution photos, you can only imagine the massive amount of space they take up. It's clearly far too much for our in house servers so for the moment we have put just about everything on large storage files. The main problem is that although they do fine for storing the photos, they are completely inadequate for quick retrieval or any management purposes at all. We suspect that cloud based DAM software might be our best fit. Would this help with our DAM asset management? If you could give me a quick answer, I would greatly appreciate it because the longer we wait for a solution, the less money we make!

DEAR JANGLED JACK: To keep you from worrying any further, the quick answer is, "Yes, cloud based DAM management would provide a solution to your problem". You are right in heading to the cloud for your image storage needs. In fact, I doubt that there is any other way for you to handle such a large corporate image library. By hosting your images in the cloud, not only do you free up storage space, but you can also manage that massive library. 

Of course you will need some sort of brand asset management to accomplish this but use Widen DAM and you won't believe how easy it is to manage such a large database. DAM from Widen helps you to always find the most appropriate assets because our staff teaches you how to effectively use the DAM system. Since we offer it as software as a service, they help you pick the best metadata and show how to set user access to help with branding.

Watch a demo of digital asset management tools now to see how easy and effective Widen DAM is!


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