Dear Dr. DAM: I Supply Paint. Is DAM attainable?

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DEAR DR. DAM:  I’m Fred, the owner of an international paint supplier based in the Caribbean and considering how a digital media system can help us out with our marketing operations.  Here’s our situation… We have many digital assets - photos, logos, graphics, Illustrator type files and other promotional materials scattered across multiple locations.  My pain is that we have assets in multiple locations for six different brands and we’re losing control.  Let me re-phrase that… We’ve lost control.  Our brand managers can’t even keep track of what assets belong to what brand, let alone our thousands of channel partners trying to access and use our assets accordingly.  It’s my goal to pull everything into one central repository for our marketing teams and distribution channels to have self serve access to download approved assets.  I don’t need much, just the ability to centralize, access and share globally.  Global image distribution is all I want.  That’s not asking too much is it?

DEAR ONE DAM FRED:  Problem solved.  Check out Widen’s demos and you’re cured.  Just kidding, there’s a bit more to it, but it’s not that complex.  I understand that a small department dealing with a large number of assets can often be overwhelmed by change in workflow and tools.  No fear, however, as change is good.  Embrace the technology and look to Widen as a service provider to help you leverage that technology investment for real business results – starting with increased efficiency internally where your team can spend less time chasing and more time producing.  A DAM system will help you keep track of everything and empower your channel partners to use your assets consistently for all brands. 


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