Dear Dr. DAM: I'm paying shipping costs out the wahzoo! just to get my images out the door

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DEAR DR. DAM: My name is Wendy and I'm a marketing manager at a large manufacturer of wireless communications products. As you can imagine, with the boom of the industry over the past 5-10 years, we've had an increase in the number of products and marketing materials that go along with them.

Most of our product photos, logos and promotional graphics are with our agency. When our dealers, both national and international, need access to these digital files for their advertising and promotions, they contact our agency. The agency must burn the files to CD and ship them out, while billing us back for materials and shipping. Because we have hundreds of products and thousands of dealers worldwide who need images to sell our product, we're paying shipping costs out the Wahzoo! How can I get my digital files to my dealers without spending so much on shipping?

DEAR PAYING SHIPPING COSTS OUT THE WAHZOO WENDY: I feel your concern with the high costs of shipping CDs to your expansive sales network. It's as if you're faced with a double-edged sword! You need to get your images to the channels who sell your product, while at the same time figure out ways to cut costs. You can drastically reduce this unnecessary cost with a digital asset management system.

I recommend working with Widen because they have designed a system geared to accommodate organizations and their sales channels. All you need to do is keep materials current and your users get what they need online. Other Widen clients have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars using this technology.


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