Dear Dr. DAM: Integration and flexibility… is SaaS right for me?

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DEAR DR. DAM:  My names Ashley and I’m the marketing manager for several brand-name hotel and resort chains.  I’m a current DAM customer, but I’m looking for solutions that offer more flexibility and integrates well with others.  We have multiple systems that I would like integrated with our digital asset library.

We do a lot with video and we have a team that spends a lot of time burning a large volume of DVDs.  I’m looking for some automation that can help.  Automation for image conversions and video transcoding would be huge.  We’re looking at digital asset solutions that offer robust version control capabilities.  As for collaboration, an automated photography approval application would be incredible.  About 80% of assets are photos and we have shooters all over the world.  Right now we use CDs and FTP sites to get the images back to the corporate office, where we tag all of the metadata and manually upload to our corporate image library.  I’m hearing some buzz about digital asset management solutions using embed links to provide a single control point for image and video delivery to online sources.  What’s that all about?
DEAR INTEGRATION NEEDS ASHLEY:  You do have a very “robust” need for your workflow.  I think you’ll enjoy the single-source-ness you’ll find with Widen, plus the flexibility to integrate multiple systems, both Widen’s and 3rd-party solutions.   From asset capture to delivery you’ll love the end-to-end solutions from Backdrop photography routing and approval to the digital media management system.  Widen’s video asset management with on-demand transcoding and DVD authoring will automate much of the manual tasks.  Plus, you’ll really enjoy having to maintain only one master library while being able to repurpose images and video files to multiple online mediums with the embed links.


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