Dear Dr. DAM: Marketing Administration and Master Control Plus Global Agent Access

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DEAR DR. DAM:  I’m Stella, the multimedia communications manager for a large health insurance enterprise.  I work with the e-solutions group; developing marketing materials and programs.  Many of my issues deal with sending large files (PDFs and videos) to our marketing affiliates and field agents. 

I’m really impressed by this concept Widen brings to the table with digital asset embed links.  YouTube’s been doing it for years, but it looks like a tremendous addition to a digital asset management solution.  Using cloud computing resources, it’s basically "bandwidth on demand.”  I’m impressed with the fact that when you upload something new, the most current version is then available to every online location it’s used—just a onetime change. 

With 19,000 field agents, how will a hosted DAM system handle all of these users downloading large PDF files, audio, video, etc.?  I want to roll this sort of system out to the smallest of our three brands first, to work out all the kinks before extending it to the enterprise.  Ideally, I’m able to keep this under my control, without IT involvement.  It looks like I don’t even need an extra server.
DEAR STELLAR DAM SYSTEM KNOWLEDGE STELLA:  It sounds like you’ve done your research and have some good experience with marketing software systems.  You’re right on with the concept of digital asset embed links offering "bandwidth on-demand."  The Widen digital asset embed links allow you to offer multiple embed links per asset supporting different file formats.  Using cloud computing resources,  Widen’s DAM SaaS solution will be able to meet the demand from thousands of field agents, while offering you pay-as-you-go budgeting.  You’re right… you don’t need that extra server.


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