Dear Dr. DAM: Marketing Agency Needs Creative Software for Holiday Busy Season

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DEAR DR. DAM:  My team calls me Kramer and I’m with a marketing agency providing communications and branding services to B2B companies.  We’re in search of a digital media and brand asset management software solution to help manage clients’ photos, logos, videos, flash objects and other brand assets.  We prefer to have an on-demand/hosted DAM solution because it is not a core competency for us and would rather leave it up to the experts to manage all the hardware, implementation and support.  Also, I envision that we’ll pass most of the cost onto our clients for their asset downloads.  It’s something that will help us be more organized internally and automate a number of processes for fulfilling client requests.  I’m sure it will help us improve client communication and collaboration on projects.  We’re also interested in a collateral customization tool that would allow our clients to customize the marketing materials we create for them such as ads and brochures.  This would allow us to provide our client’s sales channels with the ability to personalize marketing pieces with simple modifications while we can control the messaging.  We work well with the marketing departments of our clients to get the master templates ready to go, but by the time they need to provide these branded materials to their sales channels, they almost always go off and create their own pieces that are more relevant and timely for their sales calls although the brand consistency element is usually NOT left in tact.  Our clients’ sales channels need to be able to upload their logos and add contact information to localize the promotional collateral for their market for simple co-branding controlled by our agency and client marketing administrators.  Please help us keep this simple and within reach.  With the difficult times and all, we got to do something to help our agency and clients save money.  Its the holiday shopping season and my daughters need new snow boots.

DEAR CREATIVE SOFTWARE KRAMER:  I can empathize with your situation.  You’re not alone; however I applaud you for wanting to be a hero for your agency and for your clients by trying to do something now.  You’ll be delighted to hear about Widen’s flexible agency billing options for digital asset management solutions.  Plus, with their rapid implementation schedule, you can still be up and running before the New Year.  The multiple branded user interface options will accommodate multiple clients with what looks like their own branded portal and “customer-ized” URL.  Plus, Widen will provide all the user and administrator training and ongoing help desk support.  No doubt, more efficient creative software technology will help you secure existing client relationships.  A smart DAM software implementation and internal automation will be a difference-maker for your agency in difficult economic times because your people will be able to concentrate on more creative and mission critical tasks.  As for the dynamic media building application, Widen's Communications team will provide you with training on how to create and administer the promotional templates.  Your staff won’t be bugged by repetitive, miniscule changes and you’ll still be able to empower your clients with brand approved marketing content.  The media builder allows for unlimited printable template options, so you have more opportunity for creative projects.  Hence, your team has more opportunity for larger billable projects.  The marketing software will help add value in addition to serving as an automated billing platform to giving clients the web-based access they’re already demanding of their assets.  The low total cost of ownership with a Widen DAM SaaS solution without any capital expenditures and an easy-to-budget for low monthly fee will keep you warm and cheery through the holiday season.  Cheers!


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