Dear Dr. DAM: My University Has Hit a Wall with Digital Asset Storage

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DEAR DR. DAM:  I’m Betty, the director of marketing for a division II university.  I just took a position with the U about 2 months ago and I’m leading an initiative to implement a digital asset management system by start of the semester.  It’s one of those summer projects that I didn’t want to let pass me by.  We have hit a wall in managing our institution’s digital assets.  Our photos, logos, videos, and marketing documents are scattered everywhere across the network and the IT department has come down on us to clean it up.  Every department is creating their own stuff when we could be doing a lot better job sharing and re-purposing each other’s work and master assets.  Not to mention how difficult it is to keep the school’s branding and reputation in check.   With more departments, more people in different locations and more channels where our stuff is used… we have a problem.  It was manageable when we just had printed materials, but with the advance of the web and social networking sites, we need a master repository to keep everything together.  This master repository should be the communications hub for marketing, athletics, library, media relations, photography services, crisis communications, event support, webcasting and videography.  Does such a thing exist? 

DEAR BREAK DOWN THE WALL BETTY:  Sure thing!  Widen has helped several other colleges and universities on a very tight budget implement a 100% web-based digital asset management solution.   The Widen DAM solution will allow you to centralize digital content for multiple departments.  Photographers have ability to upload assets and add metadata.  Marketing can store, share and retrieve images and brochures with ease.  The Athletic department can store videos and convert to different formats on-demand.  You can control access levels to keep all departments separate and provide for various roles at each level.  Your top-level admins keep the University’s master assets and insignias in check and delegate administration to each department head to regulate their own digital media system.  Best of all, you can get up-and-running with training in 4-6 weeks – just before homecoming!  It’s no short term solution either; Widen DAM software is scalable to meet unlimited storage size growth.  It’s like comparing apples and oranges when pinned against installed solutions in the same price range.  Best of all, you’ll appreciate their special pricing for educational institutions.


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