Dear Dr. DAM: New DAM Needs For New Website

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DEAR DR. DAM: This is Karen and I am the manager of marketing for a community-owned health system. In response to the growing population in the area we serve along with the knowledge that we need to augment our online presence, we have made major upgrades to and expanded our website. I, and other board members are very pleased with our new and improved Web presence but it seems that the new website made us realize that we are also in need of other technological upgrades for marketing and public relations.

For example, as we had planned, the new website is designed to feature a large number of videos and hundreds of images. The same goes for a blog that is linked to the website. Even before the website was up and running, we went to work on producing and gathering huge numbers of videos and other digital assets to have them featured as soon as the website was ready. Once our new online look had been revealed, however, it took us less than a week to realize that we had some frustrating issues to overcome. Our main problem has gone from not having a website capable of handling high quality videos and images to one that can actually handle too many, large, high definition digital assets.

That should be a good thing but users are finding it very difficult to easily find the videos and images they need from our digital asset library while administrators like myself are discovering that far too much of our time is spent on controlling access to assets as well as helping users locate appropriate marketing materials. We have a collaboration system that worked fine with a smaller corporate image library but now that we have the large number of high quality assets we had hoped for, our old, crude digital asset management tools seem to be part of the problem!
So, my general question is, “What sort of solutions are out there to get us up to speed”?

DEAR CAUGHT IN A RUT KAREN: Your problems are experienced time and time again by companies that correctly shift gears to move forward into a digital marketing dynamic that is becoming dominated by video assets. Some form of video content management is becoming a necessity as it becomes easier and cheaper to produce and acquire high quality videos and images. Fortunately, because this is a basic issue when it comes to rich media management, Widen has simple, scalable Software as a Service solutions that can be immediately implemented to free you from the antiquated clutches of your current “collaboration system”.

With DAM software engineered by Widen, it will be much easier to control user access to digital assets because marketing materials are managed in a centralized manner and controlled via Roles & Permissions. In other words, administrators such as yourself decide who gets access to which assets. Such centralized organization of digital media along with using metadata for cataloging and categorization also makes it much easier for users to quickly locate the assets they need at moment's notice.


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