Dear Dr. DAM: Our Video Content Management Needs Some Help

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DEAR DR. DAM: My name is Andy and I work in administration at a company that manufactures parts for a wide variety of machines. The company sells and distributes products throughout the United States of America and Canada. For the past twenty years, most of our marketing used catalogs filled with images of our products. Sales representatives also gave demonstrations when visiting potential clients and at our factories. Such demonstrations have always proved to be very useful for marketing but many of our newer and most valuable products are just too big for field demonstrations.

Fortunately, we can make high resolution, quality videos of these types of products and we have found this approach to be very successful. Not only do these videos work well for field demonstrations, but they have also proved to work wonderfully when shown on our website. Ever since we featured videos of our products in action at our website, there has been a healthy increase in sales. This has in turn resulted in a major increase in video production for all of our products. The production aspect of this endeavor ran smoothly but as we steadily accumulated videos, we began to run into problems.

One of our main issues has been just finding enough room to house them! It seems that our corporate asset library has suddenly become so big that our in house servers became somewhat compromised. Despite purchasing another server after a slow-down of the network at our headquarters, there still seems to be issues with our video asset management. In addition to the ongoing bandwidth problems, basic organization of our video content has become so difficult that it has affected marketing productivity. Can DAM software do something to get us out of this mess? 

DEAR ANNOYED ANDY: You bet that digital asset management programs can help with those problems although it depends upon the type of solution you choose. If you go with a DAM solution that uses cloud computing, your bandwidth problems will be immediately solved as soon as your video assets are transferred from your in house servers to the cloud. Basically, this safely archives those hefty assets elsewhere and thus makes it far easier to use them.

A quality DAM program that incorporates software as a service will also fix those organizational problems because you will be shown how to use metadata that greatly facilitates the retrieval of your video assets. To see for yourself how software as a service DAM can provide the solutions you need, take up a sandbox of Widen DAM.


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