Dear Dr. DAM: Small companies need DAM too

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DEAR DR. DAM:  I’m the director of marketing for a very small department for an industrial products manufacturer.  We actually just purchased another company to add more products to our line.  With that, we’ve added new distribution channels, which mean more work for my department with the same amount of staff. 

My office is responsible for all the copy writing, brochure layouts, web design, direct marketing, media placement and trade shows.  We have a couple creative people including myself.  I know we’re small, but we’re still producing a tremendous amount of digital assets, which are stored at a variety of local hard drives.  With my time at a premium, our process of digital media management is very time-consuming.  Since there is no centralized system, redundant work has become a big issue. 
DEAR SMALL DEPT BIG DAM DENISE:  Small marketing teams still need a marketing asset management system.  I’m not surprised you are creating a tremendous amount of marketing assets and the problem of marketing asset management has spun out of control.  Naturally, smaller-sized implementations lend themselves to hosted digital asset management solutions.  Widen’s pricing model will suit your needs, plus the system is flexible enough to scale as you grow.  Somewhere down the line, you’ll also enjoy the brand asset management benefits by supplying distributors with self-serve access and collateral customization.


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