Dear Dr. DAM: Streamline Creative Review and Collaboration with my Agency's International Clientele

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DEAR DR. DAM:  My name is Howard and I work for a creative agency with about 50 employees.  Even though we are small, we have national and international clients.  Right now we have no formal creative software or efficient way to manage and share all of our client’s project files.  We do a good job of keeping digital assets separated by client, but we struggle to provide an easy way to collaborate and send files back and forth.  On top of that, one of our clients has been doing a lot of photo shoots around the world for an upcoming product release.  It would be nice for our creative directors and account managers to review the photography and be able to streamline the creative processes by speeding up and centralizing the file uploads and photography reviews.  Currently they are putting them on DVD’s and mailing those back to us so we can take those images and put them on our servers.  It’s not much of a 2009 type of system because it’s a very manual process.  There’s got to be a way to automate some things.  I’m hopeful you can help me find a solution and help our agency be more efficient in our processes, which will help us secure existing client relationships and differentiate ourselves enough to attract new clients. 
DEAR HOPEFUL HOWARD:  Having national and international clients, you really do need a more formal and efficient brand asset management software system.  An on-demand solution will give you a centralized location to organize and manage these files and be easy for clients to use worldwide.  Your clients will be able to browse and download their own files without having to bother you every time they need an asset for a brochure or web page.  As for your client conducting photo shoots around the globe, Backdrop brings the shoot to you and everyone else who needs remote photography review and approval abilities.  Backdrop, a rather new photo asset management software system, will make a great front-end to your DAM system by helping to streamline time-consuming collaboration processes.  Widen’s project collaboration system will also assist with tight timelines in sending document files back and forth and holding people accountable before the files become available as final assets.  Can I ask if you’re doing much with video these days?  If you’re not already, I’m guessing you will be soon… Widen digital asset solutions can easily scale to meet the high storage and bandwidth demands for video management and a feature set that is quite accommodating for broadcast and web quality video.  Say goodbye to the hassle of messing with DVD’s and high shipping costs.  The Widen on-demand DAM solution sounds like it is a perfect match for your agency.  Good Luck Howard!


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