Dear Dr. DAM: The way my dealers depict my brand makes me cringe

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DEAR DR. DAM: My name is Deb and I'm a brand manager with a top sporting goods manufacturer. We make hundreds of products and sell them through a national and international dealer network. We pride ourselves on our brand and try to make it very apparent in our products.

However, most of our dealers are "mom and pop" shops and they don't have the resources to create top-quality ads and store signage. They're basically getting by with using our images and materials as they see fit. The way many of my dealers depict my brand makes me cringe! Images and ads are poor quality. Many of the materials are outdated. How can I cost-effectively help my dealers get the resources they need to promote our products, while enforcing our brand guidelines?

DEAR DEALERS MAKE ME CRINGE DEB: I understand your situation. You work day in day out to build your brand, but your dealers lack the resources to promote your products to their customers as well as you'd like them to. You could ship them the materials they need but that becomes very costly. Plus, your dealers need localized materials specific to their market.

I suggest you check out Widen's brand asset management software solutions to solve your dilemma. Widen systems allow your dealers to access your brand's digital assets online. What's more, Widen's self-service promotional resources allow your dealers to create professional-quality ads and signage using your branded templates. No design experience necessary - just simple point-and-click. The various image and content options offer tremendous freedom for your dealers to connect with their market. All materials can be localized with contact information, store hours and directions. Widen helps you control your brand, while providing you and your dealers with the competitive edge to enhance customer relations.


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