Dear Dr. DAM: Video Management with Cloud Computing Resources

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DEAR DR. DAM:  My name is Tony, the training manager for a corporation with headquarters located throughout the US.  We need to have a certain amount of video training tools released on a very aggressive schedule.  I am swamped with trying to get these videos out efficiently and everyone trained in a timely manner.  I’ve tried sending DVDs to each location, but that is time consuming and expensive.  Right now, I’m finding our servers cannot handle 3,000 employees watching a video at the same time, and has very poor quality.  By the time I get all locations to finally watch these videos in a training session online, half of them have already outdated information and I need to do it all over again.  Is there any way out of this vicious cycle?

DEAR TRAINING TROUBLED TONY:  Rest assured help is on the way.  I am prescribing you a DAM SaaS system from Widen.  With Widen video management tools, your employees can all easily view and retrieve your training videos online.  Widen will also store the videos in the highest quality you would like, with full previews available in one click, or instant downloads to your desktop in whatever format each location needs.  The best part is when you see a spike in your bandwidth consumption during your massive training times; you only pay for that spike.  With Widen using the power of cloud computing, you are provided infinite scalability on a pay-for-use model.


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