Dear Dr. DAM: We Need DAM Software that Can Handle Our Videos

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DEAR DR. DAM: Hi, my name is Stephen and I am one of the marketing managers for a mid-sized company on the east coast. We are in the process of expanding the business and have opted for increasing the number of dealers that sell our products. I know this is going to be a good move for us but we have been running into some serious problems regarding our video content (although “I” have been the person feeling the stress). I suppose the main problem is that with our present system used to manage marketing assets, among a bunch of other annoying issues, it just can’t deal with video content. In fact there is no video content management at all and that is the basic problem!

This is a major issue for us (me) because our marketing videos are critical assets used by the dealers to sell our products. Those videos are also part of our long-term branding strategy so we need an effective and easy way to get them to our dealers now! I should also mention that we are still able to send them to dealers but this is annoying and time consuming because it involves FTPs. Maybe that explains why less than half of our dealers are registered into the current system. That’s another issue to touch on because we really need all of our dealers to be using the same digital asset management tools so we can all be on the same page at the same time.
Is there a DAM system that can meet our requirements and get us back on track with our marketing campaigns to keep up with expansion?

DEAR STRESSED OUT STEPHEN: It sounds your company is definitely making the right move in using videos as part your marketing strategies. Video content, and online video content in particular, is becoming one of the most popular media formats. More and more companies are using valuable video assets and we keep hearing stories like this. You certainly aren’t alone when it comes to problems with digital assets management for videos! Fortunately, sophisticated cloud DAM and VAM offerings such as those by Widen provide straightforward solutions to your entire video asset and widespread user related issues.

With Widen DAM, all of your video content will be available in the system along with all ov your other brand assets. Videos will then be available to all of your dealers and you can even set user access to ensure that they are using the most current and effective video assets. Off site hosting will allow you to host a huge number of videos without eating up your internal bandwidth and bogging down in-house servers. As far as user adoption goes, dealers will get on board quickly when they discover that this new DAM system is the easiest and most efficient way to deal with digital assets.

To see how easy it is to manage videos with Widen digital asset programs, take the tour on your own.


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