Dear Dr. DAM: We Need Easier DAM Software For Higher User Adoption

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DEAR DR. DAM: Hi, this is Al and I am a marketing executive for a large company. We already have DAM software but the program is simply so difficult to manage and use that a number of our marketing people have opted for building their own local drive repositories. They claim that this is more efficient than trying to figure out how to work with the digital asset management tools on hand. As you might imagine, the challenges related to our DAM system have also been taxing for our IT people. High numbers of large file transfers in particular have been a problem.

We need to find a solution to this issue as soon as possible because literally thousands of employees, partners and affiliates around the globe are depending on a digital asset management program for dissemination of hundreds of videos, images, logos, templates, and other brand assets. However, we also need a DAM system that can provide strict control over user access to assets because only around 200 people total will actually have access to the DAM and very few of those will have full access. I realize we might be asking for a lot and perhaps that’s why the old system is so tough to implement. With that in mind, is there a DAM system that can meet all of our requirements and still be easy enough to use for its adoption?

DEAR UNCERTAIN AL: Yes there are DAM systems available that are easy to use and do much more than meeting the requirements you have mentioned. Since your DAM solutions will provide the basic infrastructure for your global marketing needs, Software as a Service DAM sounds like your best fit. With Software as a Service, project managers assigned to your DAM system will assess how to increase user adoption and will also make sure that you are getting all of the benefits you deserve. Training for all users will aid in this respect because they will quickly experience for themselves just how easy it is to use the system. IT people will also be able to focus on core tasks because all maintenance, upgrades, security patches and help desk will be provided by the DAM provider.

As far as control goes, quality brand asset management software will do the job by providing centralized control of the digital assets in your corporate marketing library. This way, a small number of administrators have access to all assets and determine user level access. Such organized control will make your marketing more efficient and directed and will boost the strength of your branding. See for yourself how easy it is to use Software as a Service DAM tools and take the tour on your own.


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