Dear Dr. DAM: What Should New DAM Software Include?

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DEAR DR. DAM: My name is Fred and I run a growing company that retails furniture sets over the Internet. We maintain warehouses but stopped selling from brick and mortar establishments once Internet based sales dwarfed anything being done with our original store. Much of our success is based on our excellent marketing team and good reputation. Once we switched over to being an Internet based business, marketing quickly convinced us of how important it was to produce and use high quality digital images and video to showcase our products.

The subsequent barrage of marketing materials has been successfully utilized for higher profits but all of those images and videos were taking a serious toll on company bandwidth. The need for DAM arose and we quickly found a vendor who provided us with installed DAM software that met our needs for a bargain. Well, that's what we thought at first but as our digital asset library grew with leaps and bounds, the system became more difficult to use and maintain. A few years after having it installed, it doesn't seem to work very smoothly, and users are running into difficulties finding what they need and have their own little repositories of materials on their desktop. Since problems related to searching for assets was one of the original reasons for getting this DAM system, I almost feel like we are back at square one.

What is especially frustrating is that the DAM vendor seems to have gone missing! Well, they have to still be around because they have a website, but they haven't been returning my calls, and don't appear to be interested with the fact that we are running into major problems with their software. I mean what kind of company does that? Anyways, so we need to fix this system or even get a new one. My main question to you is what should we be looking for in a new DAM system to avoid the problems we have had with our old one? 

DEAR FRUSTRATED FRED: The kind of company that refuses to answer your calls when you have problems with their products is one that won't last for very long. I'm sorry to hear that you got involved with them in the first place but there is light at the end of this frustrating tunnel. Give cloud DAM as a service a try and you will get a system that includes exactly what was so lacking from your old DAM: quality customer service and a scalable solution that grows as you grow. This means that your system includes unlimited IT resources, automatic updates, help and support for when you have questions, and a customer service team that makes sure you are getting the most out of your DAM system. Cloud DAM is the way of the future for distributing marketing organizations like yours.


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