Dear Dr. DAM: Why Can’t Sales & Marketing Get Along

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DEAR DR. DAM:  I’m Kate and I work for an interactive agency that does email marketing, websites and print collateral for a number of clients.  We have a situation with one particular client in which sales and marketing do not get along.  It’s really pretty silly… the independent salespeople don’t like and don’t use the print collateral that the corporate marketing department creates for them.  The independent salespeople need something more personalized for their customers.  Given the time-sensitive nature of their business, salespeople oftentimes end up whipping up their own sell sheets and brochures.  Of course the marketing team cringes when this happens because the business branding is inconsistent.  Since they are not all part of the same corporate head, it’s difficult to enforce.  If you can help me help my client’s sales and marketing people get along I would be very happy. 

DEAR 'CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG' KATE:  You need to check out Widen’s brand asset management solution – Media Builder, which will help you build your client relationship by helping marketing help sales.  How it works is the marketing department creates templates with certain static content such as your logo and corporate branding.  Marketing provides a library of official product imagery and associated textual content.  They have options to the degree of freedom they want to give salespeople to customize the piece – headlines, main messages, etc.  Each salesperson can build their own brochures on-demand by selecting which products their clients want to see, and then add their contact information.  Sales will be able to customize their collateral for the customer and marketing will be able to protect the brand recognition.  Best of all, you’ll look like a hero for presenting such a solution.  People helping people… it’s a powerful thing.


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