Dear Dr. DAM: Why Should I Get a DAM System for my Small Business?

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DEAR DR. DAM: Hello, my name is Sam and I have been checking out your website and have seen a lot of information about digital asset management programs, DAM software, and the like but I wonder if it’s just the bigger companies that really need your products. I am guessing that it’s the big companies that invest in software for managing marketing materials because how else could one afford it? I also read somewhere on your website that the top in class companies are the ones using programs and services for more control over their online video content and corporate image library so it really looks to me as if your software is more geared towards larger companies than mine.

For example, I run a franchise of auto parts shops and I am doing alright but I only have several small stores. Don’t get me wrong, I have run it as a successful business for 17 years but just didn’t want to expand. The only reason I ended up at your website was because although I feel comfortable with running just a few stores, that doesn’t mean that I ignore business trends and new technologies.

When I had my new e-commerce website recently updated, the woman I hired to do it kept telling me about how important it is to have some way of managing digital assets. So that’s what got me checking into all of this and although I have been noticing more and more buzz about the importance of acquiring DAM related software, I still don’t feel all that convinced that I really need it. So, there is my main question. Do I actually need a DAM system when my business is pretty small and doesn’t have a huge online presence?

DEAR SMALL BUSINESS SAM: Your question is a good one and I’m not going to simply say that every single business needs DAM but I would like to clarify a few things. Yes, it is true that best in class companies tend to use DAM and it probably does have something to do with their size but I think that it also reflects philosophies that have helped them reach the pinnacle of success. Like you, they keep up on changes in technology and only use DAM because they know for a fact that it works to decrease costs by giving centralized control of brand assets and greatly increasing efficiency. Just because they use DAM doesn’t mean that it’s expensive either. In fact you wouldn’t believe how affordable some DAM solutions are, especially when they are offered as Software as a Service.


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